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Laura Stone

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No, seriously.

I am so broken inside my head meat. I am writing Amanda Bynes porn (kinda) and it is WRONG. And kinda hot. Okay, I think it's totally hot. I KNOW. I feel terrible inside, too, but that only encourages me to be MORE NAUGHTY. This is what happens when you grow up all repressed and religious, people. I just emailed southernbangel and asked her if she thought Amanda ever made out with any of her female stars. I THINK SO, AND I THINK THE BOYS WATCHED THEM. AND LIKED IT. AND THEN MADE OUT WITH EACH OTHER. *head desk*

Also, I finally have some ideas for some more Metalocalypse fic (which is good, because I'm getting angry "where is the rest of this!??!" emails about the last fic I wrote) and I am so glad I signed up for multiple projects for NaNo, or I would NEVER MAKE IT.

So, who's up for a quick beta of a "She's The Man" fic later? Anyone? I'll be in my penitence corner in the meantime. Happy Monday? :D
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