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50,550, and still writing. (I'm shooting for 80K.) Dude. DUDE! I seriously did not think I would hit it. One good thing about putting writing on a schedule: I work better with a schedule. I've been getting crazy amounts of things done besides writing, so that's a first. It used to be I'd write, or I'd clean, etc. Having a few hours set aside for nothing but writing is the trick for my brain, apparently.

For those that hit your goal: WAY TO GO! (Did you have a huge grin on your face like me? I bet you did!)
For those that are getting there: DON'T QUIT!! There's still lots of time left, and don't give up!! (I was only at 27K last Thursday, no lie.)

I'm going to celebrate by buying fabric. (Hey - you drink, I create. I'm just saying I'm better than you, that's all. Ahahaha. I'M KIDDING. I'm going to booze it up, tchuh.)

I may be hitting a few of you up in a locked post soon to ask for your thoughts on this book. Obviously I won't be offended if you a) have no interest or b) have no time.
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