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HOOOOOO BOY. Anger ahoy, warning for rape mention


First six paragraphs. Oh, so [the cop] had to look deep into her eyes to see that she's underage, and THIS is what you lead with, not the fact that [the cop] is looking at 42 images of a GIRL BEING RAPED. I mean, yay he found the girl to get her help. Yay he put the guy behind bars that had those pictures on his computer (may he piss off Schillinger the first day and be turned into a bitch.)

BOO to the freaking "journalist" that went for a sensational angle and LEAVING OUT THE RAPE PART UNTIL SIX PARAGRAPHS IN. (Seriously: this cop is awesome, the journalist should be smacked in the face. By his mother. On TV.)

In happy news, I've put another 5K into my (hopeful) book, I have seen a rough cut of my movie Blood on the Highway and it's going to be HILARIOUS, and I will have fudge in one hour. (When I get my butt in the kitchen and make it, rather.)
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