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  • My Sally Derg is afraid of Christmas lights. This is an inconvenient time for this phobia to rear its head.
  • A neighbor has an automatron (what the hell are those called?) penguin that lifts and lowers its top hat.
  • My dog cowered behind me when we rounded the corner and came face to face with the PENGUIN OF DEATH.
  • which was inconvenient as she weighs 90 pounds and she had to go through me to get behind me.
  • so I'm limping on a twisted knee.
  • she looked thoroughly sad about Hurting Mommy and wouldn't eat her treat until I told her I wasn't mad at her <-- I'm not lying!!
  • Hope Cat, my less than intelligent Siamese, believes the multi-colored lights on our roof line are exotic June Bugs that Must Be Destroyed.
  • she's been sitting at the back window creak-meowing to lure them closer.
  • for two hours.
  • Darthanne, the Serial Killer cat, is laying in a patch of sunshine ignoring all of us
  • there are two cotton tails at the front door. :((( (um, just the tails.)
  • I thought I had MRSA this weekend, turned out to just be a blister from a pair of Evil Shoes (there's a seam along the back ankle that literally ripped open my ankle. Good hell!)
  • I took them back and got a different pair that were worn today with no pain = success! *Hiro arms*
  • I am going to get a big ol' bowl of Hot and Sour soup today hoping that will keep me away from fajita nachos
  • my family is never ever going to speak to me again after I get this book out <-- positive thinking to make it come true

I meant to say Happy Hannukah yesterday, so please forgive. Happy remaining 7 Days!
Finally: name that movie. "Aw, don't sell yourself short, Judge. You're a terrific slouch."
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