Laura Stone (stoney321) wrote,
Laura Stone


1: happiest of birthdays to the lovely, clever, and sassy liz_marcs

2: #2's BFF lives across the street, parents are people we are friendly with, but don't socialize with. (They like NASCAR and country music. We... do not.) BFF comes over and says (and keep in mind she's... slow. Of thinking and spitting the damn thing out) that her parents are having a Christmas party tonight and that she thinks we were on the guest list, but she figures her parents forgot to tell us, so we should just come anyway.

3: Aww, so... sweet (I'm laughing inside) but I'm sure her parents have us down for another Christmas party (pats self on back for diplomacy.) No, no, I'm assured by child that we should "just come over, they won't mind." Oh, and it's a White Elephant party.

4: Child comes back over a few minutes ago and says "My mom says y'all can come if you want, but you have to bring a bottle of liquor, but not wine because we have, like, a million bottles of that stuff."

Can you just hear this woman's exasperation? (And probably some embarrassment, too, let's hope. But then with the "well, bring a specific alcohol" tag line... DUDE. I didn't WANT to come in the first place.) And I'm drinking Beaujolais Village Saint-Etienne des Oullieres tonight in protest. :D
Tags: humilations galore, oh em gee, random statements, wtf no seriously wtf?
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