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Request for fic?

I got my sister and her man into Buffy. "It's really funny, Laura!" I know! "It's really awesome!" I know!! "Willow and Xander's relationship hits home!" I KNOW!!! (She's just about to finish Season 1. I've already told her that she's not seen a FRACTION of the awesome.) "I combed his hair!!" <-- her comment about how awesome and cute Nicholas Brendon is. (I would like to remind you all that I adjusted his inseam. I thank you.)

But I get off track, when I want to know the following: She would be interested in your recs for good Buffy/Giles/Willow fic or permutations of those 3. The good stuff, people. And she's not afraid of IN CHARACTER AU. (No OOC unrecognizable except by the vanilla scent fic, please.)

Remember in Ghostbusters when they get their first client and Annie Potts slams her hand on a buzzer screaming, "WE GOT ONE!!!" That's how I feel. :D

In conclusion, thank you for the recs! (I'm heading out the door for dr's appts, etc. for those who would be emailing, etc., and you know who you are. *G*)

[ETA] I forgot!!! THIS SITE is the coolest thing EVER: a video tutorial for all manner of crochet stitches. Since I'm a self-taught crocheter, I didn't know how to do some of the fancier stitches (or how to add on a new skein without tying knots. I KNOW. But now I do.) Free patterns, too! So. Awesome. Nerd alert over! :D
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