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And *exhaaaaaaaaaale*

Went away on a spur of the moment trip to 'Bama to sit around in jammies, drink too much coffee, each too much 'Que (BBQ for non US-ers), eat too many chocolate-dipped marshmallows (conclusion: surprisingly delicious), stay up until 1:30 (that's late for me!) playing cards and watching movies, and have a fan-freaking-tastic time that was much needed. In the end it was proved that southernbangel and marenfic are good for what ails ya.

Also, I want to kidnap Maren's dogs, who are loving and funny and HUGE and playful and like to be loved. There is no bad here. (My Sally Von Schtupp pup was VERY INTERESTED in the Other smell on her Mommy and will not leave my side for fear of me cheating on her. D'aww, puppy!)

Life has been stressful, as I'm sure many of you can identify, so now I feel bolstered up enough to make it through the week. Aren't friends terrific? Also, I got my card-loving back, so the Mister and I played gin rummy late through the night, and he's not good at it, so I kicked his butt, and that's a Very Good Thing, as Martha would say. (I really treasure it. <-- joke for a few of you.)

I also have found cannibalistic, vampiric, otherworldly, hermaphroditic, Mary Sueish, Neo-pet bad!fic, and that is ONE. STORY. I'll take some vitamins and wade through it later, naturally sharing all the badness with You. I'm pretty sure we could all use the laughing this week, yes? In the meantime, here: have a link to a laugh (work safe - John Denver & Muppets with the 12 Days of Christmas.) Beeker: Mee mee mee mee mee mee... :D And here's a wonderful production from PS22 last year that honors its Jewish community - absolutely wonderful performance.

Confidential to 1. a2zmom, 2. brandil, and 3. anelith: 1. I did NOT have it, so thank you! It's getting loaded up in my car for a drive today to be listened to, and THANK YOU!!! <3 2. I got the card last week and forgot to thank you, so I apologize. Thank you!! <3 <3 3. I miss you, too!! The kids were happy to see a card from you and send their love. <3 <3 <3
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