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More music!

I've had a complaint/worry about not showing up under the cut - if you're using Firefox, you'll have to make an exception to allow their interactive widgets. I'm very happy with them, so it's worth the exception, if you're worried. If you want to check out any other songs I've put up there (granted, it's not a ton) you can check out My Box here (snerk - I'm 12). I'm "Stoney" on their site. Also, if you liked the song I linked yesterday, "Sea Lion Woman" by Feist, you might like her latest album

This is the singer on that iPod commercial with the song "One, Two, Three, Four Tell Me That You Love Me More." Pleasant and fun.

I have literally a gazillion things to do today (literally.) Later today is Gingerbread House making day - I'm very excited as I've not had one since I was a kid. (Marshmallow snowmen!!) Even though I'm not Christian, I sure do love all the hoo-ha that comes with Santamas. Tomorrow is fudge! If I can get all of my stuff done, I have GOT to make another bad!fic post. Hoe. Lee. Crap dogs. I so love the weird, y'all. LOVE it. In the meantime, may I offer you some Kung Fu Pr0n? AHAHAHA. Um, not work safe. Not even remotely. (You'll have to verify your age before you can see it. IT IS WORTH IT for the LULZ.) WHAT. I ask you.

The sound effects alone... STAY UNTIL THE END. Trust me. *crying from laughter*
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