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I'm in a high fidelity, first class traveling section, I think I need a lear jet.

My sister is having a huge trade show in her hometown. She called me and asked for me to send her my entire inventory of "unique, handmade baby items" for her to sell.

Got everything touched up, retail ready, packed and shipped today. Sewed 56 buttons today. Made 56 buttonholes BY HAND ('cause I'm all about quality, baby), and finished the last of my diaper bags. If everything sells (yeah, right, but thinking positive...) we are talking $X,XXX. Stonette is a kickass salesperson, plus she's handing out my business card, so CHRISTMAS IS ON ME!!! Kidding.

In case you don't know, I make smocks (bibs don't work: ask any mom) that cover the whole child, burp pads (3 layers of flannel! Soft as can be!), and customized diaper bags for moms (attractive and functional!) and dads (they are cammo with cool! action features!).

crazydiamondsue and cityphonelines and I need to manufacture Man Pants, just in time for holiday shopping! "As close to him as you can get without a restraining order!" So you can "wear our man pants and go commando!" Naturally they'll be made out of lycra for deep knee-bends.

Obviously I'm on the last legs of a caffeine induced work high, so time to buzz off and leave you all alone.....
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