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Last post before Butt Numb-a-Thon

By which I mean that I have the DVDs for Freaks and Geeks, and will be inhaling those at an alarming rate. (Dude, I love this show!! I'm only on ep 2, so no spoilers!) I'm kind of digging the WGA strike, because I'm catching up on shows I didn't get to watch due to time constraints. Next up: Battlestar Galactica. Gotta get the DVDs first...

  • Fry's has all of the Angel: The Series sets for 19.99 EACH. Man - where was that deal when I was buying them? (Also check the SUPER CHEAP Supernatural DVDs)
  • If you have a boy you need to buy for (next year) you can take a design they've made, send it to, and they'll MAKE IT FOR YOU. And send instructions for how to build it! How awesome is that? (Check out the house plans there, too. That's what I always did with Legos when I was a kid.)
  • My children have STILL not figured out that I leave clues for what is inside their packages, in the form of the "from" name. (It's never from Mom and Dad.) For adults, it's just random names like Chancellor Velorum or Miss Kitty Fantastico. Why have a normal name when you can be cracked out? <-- my motto for living
  • If you need to buy for younger kids (next year) bookmark WOODKINS - as a mother of three, I can tell you without reservation that everything here is AWESOME. Especially to stow in a bag for unexpected waits, like in a dr.s office, etc. Yay imagination!
  • I want SO BADLY to post our "holiday letter" and photo, but cannot until the actual day of Santamas, because a few of my RL friends on LJ are getting them, and I don't want to... spoil it. *g* I'll post it on the 25th
  • I am going to eat good Southern Indian food today, and I'm very excited. Mmm, curry potato crepes, here I come!

HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISMAKWANZANUKKAHMAS! (And happy Solstice/Hogmanay/Sanghamitta/Wren/Yule Day to those that observe! And for my fellow atheists, Happy Tuesday! *G*)
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