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Did everyone suddenly become very stupid?

Not you, of course. Everyone else.

So.... creationism is coming to Texas schools, possibly. Note: creationism is not science. It is religion. <-- I'm still shocked that this is debatable. It is RELIGION. Religion doesn't go in public schools. That was why we left England and made our own country. (Well, a part of it. Minuscule part, but still a part.) How do I know it's religion? Because it's about GOD. Also, it's only ONE religion's theory. I've discussed my thoughts on this before, so I won't expound, except to say that why can't these people consider evolution to be the "intelligent design?" OCCAM'S RAZOR, PEOPLE.


A letter to the editor today got me shaking with frustration.

Here's his letter:

[Another writer that doesn't like creationism] believes intelligent design should be removed from science classes because it cannot be tested and supported or disproved by scientific standards. I could not agree more. This is theory and should be taught in a theory course, just like the theory of evolution, which has been disproved by the scientific method.

Thousands of species of animals, insects and plants live on this planet. They are totally distinct from one another. The idea that they evolved from the most primitive forms of life through random mutation, natural selection and survival of the fittest is disproved by fossil history. Fossil history suggests that some species have gone through some evolving, but a fish did not walk out of the water and become a bird, or a dinosaur, then a lion, then a kangaroo, then an ape, and finally a man. It simply didn't happen that way [note: I AGREE, freaking moron] And as ludicrous as it is, this theory is promoted as science.

~Butt-scratching mouth-breather

OH MY GOD, THE STUPIDITY IN THIS LETTER. *head desk times a zillion*

Okay. After cracking my knuckles, I wrote back. (I have a pretty good track record of getting published, so I've got high hopes. I've got high apple pie in the sky hopes.)


re: [Butt-scratching Mouth-Breather's Letter to the Editor, Thursday, Dec. 27th "Teach Theory as Theory"

I shouldn't still be shocked by the proud ignorance of our populace. And yet... It baffles me that people who profess "evolution can't be science because it's only a theory" don't understand that in science, a theory isn't the same as some Joes sitting around a table theorizing about chicks. Gravity was only a theory for centuries, and we're all pretty confident that things fall down, yes?

Mr. [Rama lama ding dong] pooh poohs the "science" of the fossil record, then continues to completely not understand the science behind evolution (even differentiating between the same thing: natural selection and survival of the fittest), not realizing that there are billions of species on the earth (not "thousands"), and then making the ludicrous claim that the fossil record doesn't support evolution.

Perhaps if he (and many others) actually listened in science class, they would know this. But hey - keep writing in,folks. It just shows that not only do we need to keep science classes, perhaps we should add more science classes to the roster. (And if Creationism is added, I'd like more than the southern Christian snake talking in a tree course. Let's throw in Ra, the turtle shell concept,and the Spider that threw a Web and created the Stars and Mother Earth.)

Nyah nyah nyah Nyah nyah,
Awesome McSmarty Pants <-- not my actual signature

[ETA} I just realized that I posted my first draft, which was full of errors. Including an extra "s" some awkward sentence structure, and forgetting that GRAVITY IS A LAW. *cough* Newton's Law, to be exact. I win the Awesome Sauce Award for ragging on someone's stupidity while being stupid myself. :D Now posting the ACTUAL letter I sent.... *g*

At the top of my list of Things You Shouldn't Talk About When You Don't Understand The Concept:


Oh, hey. The small, raccoon sized rat-like creature that was recently discovered to be the ancestor to the WHALE would like to have a word. Uh, BOOYAH. (Isn't that awesome? YAY PRECAMBRIAN EXPLOSION FOSSIL RECORD!) I like how the first link (YAY) shows the SCIENTIFIC METHOD involved in supporting the Big Bang Theory. *loves science like whoa*

Finally, if anyone knows of excellent post series Freaks and Geeks fanfic, I'd like a link, kthx. (And I've been futzing with a fic idea for two days now.) *cries* Never again will I watch a series that has been canceled before resolution is achieved. That show hurt me, guys. <3
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