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[Obligatory New Years Post]

Hey - I have an icon for it, imma use it, cool? *g*

(Side note for knitters/crocheters on my flist: I picked up some fabulous Color Concept Schaefer yarn this past weekend, the Dian Fossey, and it's flipping GORGEOUS. That link (when you click on her name)? That's actual size. I have a fabulous fat and soft scarf now. I really REALLY need to learn how to knit - I want to make sweaters out of that stuff. Mmmm. Here's the yarnery where you can order great stuff.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I think I am the sole person on my flist that quite liked 2007 - there were some very bad moments, as all years have, but it had some of the best moments of my life.

The Boy's official diagnosis (I'm not ready to talk about it yet)
Health scares with the in-laws (which is now a good, as Things Have Been Taken Care Of)
losing our cat Scrappy (aww. He looked like Bridgett Marquardt's cat.)
The Boy starting Junior High
the depression I didn't know I had
the WEIRDNESS of my former friend going off the deep end (wow. Um, did I fail to tell y'all she got married? Without her kids knowing? YEAH. Not even 6 months after her divorce was final. Good riddance, 2007!)

MAKING A FREAKING MOVIE (I have seen the festival cut - it's off to SXSW and AFI's - and this movie is SO DAMN FUNNY. No, really. Like, it might be one of the funniest movies of all time, and I'm not just saying that, ha ha ha.)
My (soon to be) brother-in-law WRITING A FREAKING MOVIE (that I got to be in, hee! BUT! He's writing another movie and has backing already! He's quite talented.)
My sister and her fiance getting engaged, and me getting to know him even better (final say: he's awesome and worthy of her)
All the time I've got to spend with her and with friends I love (ILULEEMARENJESSANNE <-- for STARTERS.)
Being encouraged by all of you to write a book
writing said book! (It's in heavy editing, but at least there's something to edit!)
winning NaNoWriMo my first time at it
FUDGE <-- as long as there is fudge in the world, we have something to celebrate, people
remembering that I like writing and acting and being funny and being around like-minded people
Wellbutrin *g*
my kids getting older and smarter and more mature (and doing the dishes, hallelujah!)
my sweet husband for supporting me always (and being handsome while doing so, heh)

I love it when the awesome outweighs the crap. I am not a "resolution maker" because I am bad with the follow through. Basically, I vow to make myself MORE AWESOME and HAPPIER THAN EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE or I will set myself on fire. (Please to be reading the "I suck on follow through." Ha.)

Now to make black eyed peas to solidify that "prosperous New Year..." *g*

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