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What I wroted in 2007

Turns out I wrote quite a bit, huh. Mostly for self-pimping because who doesn't want new comments on old fics? record keeping purposes.

Double Truckin' The Tricky Two - Squidbillies/Harry Potter crossover in Squidbilly's Narrator POV
This is one of the most cracked-out fics I've ever attempted, and - even though it's not finished at three chapters, and may never be finished - I think it actually works as a crossover. Also, Ron Weasley is the illegitimate father of Rusty Cuyler, a squid. There's loads of hillbilly jokes in there, too. What's not to love?

Juggernaut of Deth - Metalocalypse fandom, Skwisgaar/Toki
I was on an Adult Swim kick. Also, it's Metalocalypse. lml -_- lml The two guitarists have so much sexual tension between them, it's not even funny (except for how funny it is.) Also, they talk in hilarious accents on the show, which again: is awesome. Dis fic is nots dildoes, in others words.

Hell Is Where You Meet The Person You Could Have Been - 4 Drabbles in Angelverse accompanied by illustrations (I know, don't mock me) Dark and a little odd for me
I hadn't written anything "serious" in a while, and used this as an exercise to get writing again. It turned out pretty well as an exercise. Also, I'm all about the dark church imagery.

Appetite For Destruction - Metalocalypse, Pickles the Drummer's backstory
First, the drummer's name is Pickles. Second, he's from WisKAHNsin. Third, he becomes the most brutal drummer in the world. Here's how. (In my opinion. Heh.) Rent boy warning! I hope to have more of this soon - I FINALLY got an idea recently. *crosses fingers* I hate having WiPs. (This is a little funny and a little dark. And shows my obsession with drummers, so be warned. *G*)

A series of Drabbles Scrubs/Jossverse Crossovers - Spike, Janitor; Gunn, Turk; Lorne and the Worthless Peons (I like the last one)
Fun silliness. I just re-read them and did a little tweaking, btw, as I wrote them right into a post window, so they were a bit rough. If you're not familiar with the later Star Wars movies, the Angel, Anakin fic won't make much sense. (But it makes me laugh.)

Broken Inside - Anna Nicole Smith. Wow, was this dark. Um. Daaaaark. (hence the flocking.)
What made her such a broken thing, suppositions as to the father of her baby (um, incest) and did I mention dark? All that said, I think it turned out very well - it feels like truth, which is a bit ridiculous for me to say, I know, but still... (If you're interested and can't see the flock, comment and I'll send you an off-site link. <-- we all remember strike-through, yes? That's why.)

The Edge of Neigh't aka Stallioncrest - A soap opera. About horses.
DON'T EVEN ACT LIKE THAT'S NOT THE GREATEST THING EVER. Because it is. It's unfinished online because my sister and I are in the process of making this an ANIMATED SHOW. \o/ Words cannot express the happiness the thought of this being animated gives me. (Um, for those that read: the flashback scene with Top O'The Line? DON'T SPOIL ANYONE, just, remember? That's going to be filmed with my daughters' hands holding plastic horses and pinatas of donkeys. *cracks the hell up*) Best fic, or best fic EVER? WHEEEEEEEEE HEEEEE heeeeee, pbbbblllt

Win:Coll School For Boys - Vincent Kartheiser/William Mosely AU RPS
Here's a little something about me: I like reading first time fics. I like reading boarding school stories. I like slash about boys with flushed cheeks, full red lips, and hidden homosexual tendencies. I think I got all of that in this one fic. Side note: Winchester College is the actual school, I changed the title so people wouldn't think I was talking about SPN, and that's also the school where both Joss Whedon and Alexis Denisoff attended in the UK. *beams*

Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough! - The Coreys Slash. Are you kidding me?!?! <3 <3 <3 (Note: DARK.)
Let's go back to the late 80s when two boys ruled the scene. Or did they?? Part of me totally wants to write an entire universe out of all of the 80s Babes, and early 90s Hotties like River Phoenix (slash him with Depp? YES PLEASE.) and on and on. If I only didn't have responsibilities in life, I would do nothing but re-write gay/slutty versions of Teen Beat, 1988. :D Warning: extensive drug use in this one, um, because Haim was a freaking addict.

Spikerella: A Love Story - Ahahahahaha. Um, Fandom-Spike and Angel, as told through the Brother's Grimm Filter
Dude. I love bad!fic. After enough of it, it inspires me to write stuff like this. \o/ I think I love writing crack fic almost as much as making manips for the tales... ALMOST AS MUCH. Note: I reworked some of it to make it (imo) funnier. ETA: I reworked a LOT of it, mostly additions of more crack. In the words of Droopy Dog: Hooray.

Speed-Gyp/Chav Face Off, aka Are You Calling Me A Pikey? - Vicky Pollard/Lauren Cooper beat down fic (Um, Catherine Tate Show vs. Little Britain?)
One of the best fics you never read. Hahahaha *pretend woe* I had to learn a second language (speed chav - think Ali G, but faster) to write this. I get that these are British shows, sketch shows, so they aren't wildly popular. But they should be - they're both hilarious. (And Anthony Stewart Head plays the gay Prime Minister on Little Britain! What's not to love?) I'm pleased with how it turned out, so... :D (And I've thought about doing a "podcast" read aloud thingy for this time and again. I do an excellent Chav/Bristol for a girl from Texas, if I do say so myself.)

Ante Praevisa Merita - Connor fic, during the time he's with Holtz in Quor'Toth
Okay, we're all supposed to be humble and stuff when we write things, because shouting about your "awesomeness" gets you nominated for every fic ever, even though the fics are crap is distateful. That being said, I really really think this is the most clever "writerly" thing I've ever written. There is so much religious (and RC) symbolism here... It's everything I feel about religion, know about the old ways of the RC church, and all the meta I believe about Holtz in one (relatively) short fic. And now I'll go put my arm in a sling as it's fractured from all the patting on my back I just did. heh.

Yes, I know that I am bouncing all over the spectrum with this wiiiide range of crack to seriousness. Welcome to my brain, people!

Five Times Will Ferrell and Sacha Baron Cohen Kissed When They Didn't Have To - The non-existent Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen fandom, aka: Talladega Nights RPS
Whatever, you guys. I love Will Ferrell, and if you don't, I don't want to hear it. <-- I mean that. Why tell me that you don't like something I do? Also, Sacha Baron Cohen is hot. Will is, too, if you people would bother looking. *cries, bitterly* Hahaha. Also, they totally kissed. A bunch of times. Which makes this canon. (Hee!)

Things They Should Have Taught Us In School - Ron/Hermione, set in Deathly Hallows
The most feedback I've gotten for a story (aside from my very first story ever, I just realized, a Spuffy AU fic. Awww.) I want to have more of this kind of fic. I want more R/Hr DH fics in my hands RIGHT NOW. They may be my most favorite couple in the history of ever. <3

Darryl Won't Let Us Call The Warehouse The Poopdeck - US Office fic, based on "Talk Like A Pirate Day"
Aww, Dwight! Dwight celebrates the "holiday" and Pam and Jim reconnect. (Set in the third season) A random idea to make someone feel better, and it ended up making me very happy. A win/win!

And lastly,

Hey, Dude, Don't Tell Your Sister We Made Out, a.k.a. Dude Looks Like A Lady - "She's The Man" FitB fic, Duke/Viola(Sebastian)
Written during NaNoWriMo and the Thanksgiving holiday, so like... no one read it. Written for Lee and Maren, because I think we're the only three that are interested in this fandom. *G* What makes Twelfth Night so awesome is that people fall in love with the same sex, even though they don't want to, and then, are confused as they have fallen in love with them as the opposite sex. There should be more sexual ambiguity and confusion in fic, imo. I have more to this to be posted in the near future.

Goodness, I ended up writing a lot! Let's see if I can't do that in 2008... *rubs chin* I'd love links to your "year in fic" posts for bookmarking, if you're so inclined! I already have viciouswishes and marenfic tagged, ftr. (And finally, happy birthday to samson!)
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