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So when we will be getting our own personal robots?

I have way too much crap to do today, of a boring/organizational nature and would like a Stoney!Bot to handle appointment making/errand running, etc. Thanks.

But what would I do with this free time, you might be asking. (Okay, no one is asking that, but indulge me.) I would join a circus. Even though my greatest fear is a Carny, I would love to be in a circus as a trapeze artist.

...and yes, I just used my large yoga ball to try and do a rolling handstand. *G* (And yes, I fell off. But I got back up and tried again and DID IT.) Next stop: Barnum and Bailey! Except for how it's really the post office, then the grocery store. SIIIIIIGH.

This post brought to you by this article in the paper, and my desire to do ANYTHING ELSE than be responsible.

Okay, seriously. That last one is so awesome.
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