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Why I married this man.

Instead of focusing on a task at work, Mr. Stoney wrote a little essay on why Bush is an idiot. Keep in mind that at the beginning of this year he was a card carrying Republican. I have since shown him the light.

Flip-Flop Politician
By Mr. Stoney

I am for government standing by people financially and not telling them how to live. But I am for a constitutional amendment that outlaws the most intimate part of your personal relationships.

Outsourcing? Education is the answer. American workers shouldn’t worry about losing their low skilled jobs overseas because education (not experience) will get them better jobs. Forget that people can’t stop their lives to go to school, especially with tuition going through the roof. Regardless of how long it will take you to go back to school and learn something new, in the mean time, unemployment coverage will not be extended.

Instead of raising the minimum wage to help the increasing number of people living at or below the poverty line, especially single mothers trying to make ends meet, again education is the answer. Minimum wage by definition is for UNSKILLED labor. People that are trying to get an education or people that will never be able to get an education need the minimum wage.

Immigrants are welcome to come if they can work and they should be given a temporary card that identifies them as productive members of our society. But, if there are Americans that want unskilled jobs that will never pay more than $5.15/hour, an immigrant with a temporary work permit will not be allowed to work. Fortunately, no American will want a job that will never pay more than $5.15/hour.

How can you tell Americans that you won’t raise the minimum wage because Americans should go out and get an education and become a white collar career person, while giving a tax break to companies that outsource white collar jobs to India, and at the same time allow illegal immigrants to take over the job you are currently qualified for? I guess you better start studying!

On a second note, I watched my cat stalk and kill a field mouse today. She would pin it down ("it" being as large as a softball!!!) with ONE CLAW. And groom her other paw. Then release the mouse. Then repeat. It was like watching Orcas toss baby seals about on National Geographic. Sad, but AWESOME.

On a third note, crazydiamondsue gave me the biggest belly laugh of the week when she pointed out that I wrote in an email that I had moths in my PANTY and not PANTRY like I had meant. She and elcazavampiros are coming to see me next Thursday, so I'm sure they debated whether or not that was such a good idea. Ha ha ha!

On a last note, big ups to karabair for inviting me to submit a religious essay for possible publication. Naturally the topic I chose was Mormonism and Sex. Good times! It's all proofread, beta'd and shipped off for approval. *fingers crossed*

I promise to post more Wee!Spike this weekend, if you promise to laugh with me later!
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