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I AM SORRY TO SPAM. I have just witnessed the saddest thing ever.

Horrible storm rolling through, nickel sized hail. Cut to my Sally Dog, who is terr-i-fied of storms. Like, you can hear her teeth grinding from another room. *sad faces* She has a "baby" (a squeaky duck) that she "rescues" when a storm comes. (She grabs it and hightails it to my shower for Safety) She has two babies now, a squeaky guinea pig is the newest plush addition to her fake family.

I just witnessed my dog make a Sophie's Choice. "Which one? The duck i've bonded with for two years, or the newest child? Can I have another? Am I going to die? *cue the orchestra* She was in my shower whining. I brought her other baby to her, the guinea pig, she TUCKED THEM UNDER HER, and lay down, shivering.

Are you kidding me with the sorrow and motherly protection?!?! Oh, Sally Derg. They aren't really your children. (Also, it is still hailing, so she won't come out for snorgles or anything.) *SAD FACE TIMES A JILLION*


The abandoned child. Who, but a mother, can understand the difficult choice in choosing who will live, and who will lay on the carpet in the living room?

Brothers from another mother - back home where they belong. Next to the shower and my husband's dirty socks.

She's been in the bathroom with them for two hours, now. PATHETIC! (Also: d'aww.)
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