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Things overheard in Casa de Stoney during my illness:

  • Well, just put something on. You can't go to school naked. *whine stomp stomp* FINE. Do what you want.
  • Look, homework is just a teacher's way of keeping you busy. Overall, it doesn't really matter.
  • Yes, Kendall came come over, just don't go near mom - she's gross and germy.
  • Are you ever going to scoop the cat box? *12 year old boy response, unheard* Well, no Xbox until it's done. *no sound of scooping, sound of Xbox turning on* *smell of cat box filtering through the stuffed nostrils of mom*
  • Whooooo! *sounds of Mr. Stoney playing Xbox with 12 year old*
  • Just... dig something out of the laundry. But it's not clean! Eh, no one in elementary school notices that stuff.

I swear to god, Emily had a ZIP-LOC BAG of NUTELLA for her lunch today. And a sleeve of crackers. I GUESS I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE. (And I almost think she scooped the Nutella with her hand. There's no dirty spoon in the sink. *cries*)

On the bright side, the Mister did reach a new level on Call of Duty 4. So. There's something. O_O
Tags: my family, wtf no seriously wtf?
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