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Crawling into the 21rst century

So, I have followed several people into this place, liked what I saw, and decided to pitch a tent. A kind word from slackerace and a few anonymous folks brought me in, but Summer of Spike made me stay.

Plus? Place to write that my husband can't find... Always of the good. Not to say he doesn't understand my need for things outside of cooking and cleaning, but he just doesn't understand my need for things outside of cooking and cleaning.

If you stumbled over this, are still here, go check out some of my fic (one is fluffy spuffy, the other lusty spuffy, and some humiliation for Angel, to boot.)

I've just started posting at, my pen name is Stoney. Let me know what you think!

Gotta quit and feed bodies....

BTW, just ran the spell checker. Since when is doesn't not a word? Contractions are our friends, people.

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