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An excellent way to start the week.

Hey, thanks to everyone that chimed in with righteous indignation about the 8 year old bully. The Mister took an extra slow walk home with Sally (our German Shepherd) after walking the girls to school this morning. Sally will protect her herd! Ha ha.

Bullet points, because I like 'to the point' info:
  • my sister is in BIG TROUBLE for not calling me back ALL WEEK. This is unacceptable, and I guess she's saying she doesn't want to have sushi with me this week, RIGHT BETH? Harumph.
  • I won Guitar Hero III
  • on easy. (shut it! I'm half-way through on Medium! And let me say that I am KICK ASS at the bass. On YYZ, y'all. <-- significant to other GH players)
  • it isn't sad or pathetic that my goal is to kick this eight-year old's ass. Dude, someone give this kid a REAL guitar, STAT! *rocks to Fire and Flames* lml -_- lml
  • I found a violin repair shop that is going to restore my great-grandfather's violins to their former glory (he made them, so I can't trust them to just anyone, you know?) The kids will start violin lessons immediately after, muah ah ah
  • I turned out two of the best loaves of bread yet yesterday. (Since Christmas, I have not bought bread. It's all homemade, y'all!) Oh, bread: why you so delicious?
  • I was nominated for two awards in two fandoms! What?! You guys! Whoever nominated me, thank you very much! One was at the Fang Fetish awards for an old Connor fic of mine (so I'm all happy about that) and the other was for the only HP fic I've ever written, Things They Should Have Taught Us In School for the R/Hr awards, which is just too cool for school. *beams*
  • everyone's been posting pics of their cats lately, I have pics of my dorks cats under the cut. BE WARNED: my Darthanne looks like she will jump through the picture and have your guts for garters. (It's a goth burlesque. I'll give you a second.)
  • the most important: I have officially signed on to do the Susan G. Komen 3 Day again! WHOOO. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, it's a 3 day walk-a-thon. Twenty miles everyday. I pay for all of my own expenses and raise money that goes 100% to women and their families: it pays for their care, for their treatment, and in some cases, their bills so their families can survive without them for the duration of surgery/chemo. Here's my account of doing it in 2006 (I missed out last year due to a filming schedule.) I'll have donation information up soon, for those of you that want to contribute to an AMAZING cause. YAY LIFE!
  • speaking of filming, I start shooting my next movie, St. Nick, this week, and I'm just tickled pink about EVERYTHING.

Tell me all about you! *props chin on fists after sliding cinnamon rolls over*

Here is hell, in a handbasket. (leetle Hope cat)

cute face ENHANCE!

Darthanne is about to leap to the camera and END MY LIFE. Also, I'm trying to pin lining for drapes here. A perfect place to nap, in other words. *eyeroll* Look at how she is LITERALLY making the 0_o face.

Oh, and a scarf I made with that awesome fat Dian Fossey yarn. It is the toastiest scarf on the planet earth, and other heavenly bodies, aside. \o/

Alright, alright. Enough dithering. Time to start walk-training! *laces up shoes*
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