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On this day, Wednesday, February 27, 2008, my father got his ass handed to him. By me. No, wait, let me explain. My dad was a studio musician. My dad is a virtuoso on the guitar. My dad taught his professors so they would be qualified to give him his Masters in Classical Guitar.

Yes, we played Guitar Hero. To my credit (har) I was very nice about it. "Oh, that controller's just wonky." I did not say, as I wanted to, "And now I am the Master."

He's in the restroom, and we're going to lunch. I think I'm going to end up paying... And yes, I realize this is the only time, and the only situation in which I will ever be able to say this. But...


for those wondering, Misirilu, Rock This Town, and YYZ. PWN. Perfect score, btw on Rock This Town. My dad PLAYED ON THAT ALBUM with the Stray Cats. PREE.NING.

[ETA] Hahahaha, he has just called from his car and said that he's cutting his afternoon appointment short and coming back. FOR MORE PAIN, it needs to be said. HEEE.
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