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A super-fun helper today would be terrific.

I have in my possession, 10 pints of fresh blueberries. Anyone have a super-terrific recipe for blueberry pie that is tried and true? I've got the ice cream maker in the freezer, waiting to be used for French vanilla ice cream to accompany said pie. MMMMM.

To Do
  • take houseplants outside for spring washing and sunning (don't forget the orchids in the master bath) done
  • pull out all large plants in side bed, lay down landscape stones to make walk path for the Mister's car
  • swap out flagstone bricks there with limestone bricks from backyard
  • move flagstone bricks to bolster up new retaining wall in new bed
  • return fountain bubbler to Home Depot, get more small landscape rocks - 1 bag should be enough
  • laundry
  • bake bread (freeze one)
  • make ice cream base by lunchtime for chilling
  • make blueberry pie by time kids are home from school
  • call Jennifer or she'll bitch and moan (ahh, what a fun friend)
  • find time to rock out with your cock out
  • get a cock done
  • prune asters

Anti-To Do List
  • surf the web
  • read comic books (what are you, twelve?)
  • sit and stare at the water in the fountain for a half hour
  • get caught up on the phone for long with Jennifer. Or Tiffany.
  • Murder transients in order to quiet the voices in my head
  • confess to previous murders
  • whore myself out for free compost

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