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Only one more post after this one, then I'll be done with the topic. Possibly.

Blood on the Highway finally has its World Premiere date in stone! The Dallas AFI Film Festival, March 28. (For new readers, this is a vampire movie I'm in with Nicholas Brendon and Tom Towles.) There will be a red carpet (are you kidding me?) and a Q&A session with the cast. HEEEEE! We have the coveted midnight showing on the first Friday (the festival opens the night before) and did I mention that Tom Towles and Nicholas Brendon will (most likely) be there? Today they're negotiating flights/hotel stays, etc. They've both said that want to come back here for the premiere, so it's looking pretty good.

All I want to know now is: what the hell do I wear?! (I love that I will look NOTHING like my character. Yay! The Q&A session should be a blast.) If you're in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, go here to find vouchers and tickets. This first Friday usually sells out fast, so get tickets while you can! (you can get vouchers at all the Central Market locations, btw.

Here's the Red Line Trailer for the movie on YouTube (that means it's meant for Mature Audiences, because there's loads of swearing. Be over 17, please.) And... I'm the one with the nails. :) Side note, "Bone" the cute guy in the wife-beater, did the opening titles for Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. He's fantastic, and this little "film" is absolutely beautiful. (He's single, ladies.)

I swear, I will NOT keep bugging everyone about this. Um, except for a detailed report on the premiere, Q&A, and the awesomeness (and nerdiness) that is Nicholas Brendon. :D

[ETA] UM. COLIN FIRTH IS GOING TO BE THERE. WHAT. (As is Charlize Theron, Robert DeNiro, um... possibly Matthew Broderick and AMY FREAKING SEDARIS. Holy Haysoos.) I will flip out (quietly, and with dignity) if they stay for our movie's showing. FLIP. OUT. by which I mean smile and feel my stomach churn and not say a word.
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