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Possible ideas for a better world?

1. If you know something bothers you, and you know it REALLY bothers you, why would you continually look/read/get involved with said thing that really bothers you? I find that ridiculous. (And disingenuous.) Also, I'm reminding all readers of this journal that I log IPs, not to sell your IP to advertisers, or anything like that, just to keep track of hit counts (and possible stalkers.) Which is why I know some people love to come to my journal and read things they've been adamant about not participating in/finding distasteful. [/cryptic] If you know something gets your blood pressure up, you should probably avoid that thing. Just a thought. (I also respect your right to not like me, this journal, contents of this journal, dogs, and Wednesdays. You can scroll, delete, whatever, with no worries from me.)

2. I really REALLY wish someone would design a RETROFITTED ENGINE for people's cars to make them hybrids/run on electricity/run on compost. That's far more "green" than manufacturing NEW vehicles that provide that capability. (Reasoning: you now have something new that was made - in the same way other vehicles are made, fairies don't create Priuses, leaving behind pixie dust. Your old vehicle is now in someone else's hands, being driven, which means there are now TWO vehicles where there was ONE.) I'd gladly throw down a grand or more to have my current engine retrofitted with a more efficient engine. Anyone? Does this make sense?

3. I wish my town would enforce a tax on the WEIGHT of garbage each household throws away. It would a) encourage more recycling (a tax CREDIT could be offered for every __# of recycled waste) and b) maybe get more people into composting their scraps. Which also includes sheets, towels, old ratty jeans, t-shirts.... (Yes, you can compost them. It's cotton, a plant.) Germany did this in some villages I've been to, and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

4. If Friday was officially doughnut and coffee day, I think more people would smile. I know I would. Mmmm, chocolate glazed and Sumatra. <-- every day should start with that.

5. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is (figuratively, not literally as money is really dirty) and turn my surplus of plastic bags into reusable tote bags. I read the idea of crocheting them into various things. We'll see how that turns out... (And if you guessed my kids have Earth Day projects, you're right on track. *G*)

Finally, I did it. I got Rock Band yesterday. Radiohead? The Pixies? Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Ramones? ...the Grateful Dead?? Hells to the Yes! lml -_- lml (and apparently you can download a Metallica pack??? I'll see you guys in a few weeks. Hee!)

(Happy early Birthday to my lovely friend, dovil!!! Save some liver for our NYC trip!)
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