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Ahahahaha. NO. Also, a request?

(Um, please know I'm being ironic with my icon.) So, I'm going back and editing an old fic of mine (The Ewan/Hayden RPS from ... oh my god, 2005), something I've been meaning to do for... oh, three years now. *sheepish* I'm trying to fix wonky wording, etc. and came across the word
"opening" in reference to an asshole.

Um, I've MSTK'd enough bad!fic to know that YOU DO NOT CALL IT AN OPENING. Hahaha. (See? I can poke fun at myself.) So I sat there tapping my chin, thinking of a better way to describe it, and almost - for like, five seconds - considered going whole hog with the purple prose and almost called it a "butt cunt." AHAHAHA. Why the hell have I not encountered butt cunt yet? That's hilarious. Too close to man pussy? Heee!

Since I've gotten several emails lately asking me when the hell I'm ever going to finish that series (um... three years after I stopped writing it) I've been thinking about it, and think I might have an ending. I'm working on that now, and I could really use a beta. It'll be short, I think. Any takers? Comment with an email if you're willing, and my thanks in advance!
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