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Nerd alert!

How sad (or, if you're in my head, AWESOME) that I'm frustrated with the lack of scientific knowledge abounding on the internets.

That is MEIOSIS. Mitosis: splitting into 2 identical cells. Meiosis: splitting into 4 half-cells, and those would be gametes, aka half-buns. JEEZ PEOPLE. (Although props for using bunnies, since meiosis is sexual reproduction.) Here's your mnemonic device for remembering: mitosis, two vowels divided in the beginning, meiosis, four.

ION; I am preparing to leave for Spring Break (FL. horse ranch, wheee!) and tomorrow is one of my most favorite people on EARTH'S birthday, anelith, who is sweet, kind, loving, and has a great sense of humor, and is smart as a tack, and is also one of the most interesting people to have a conversation with EVER. I love you, Anne-Girl!

Have a great next 10 days, and don't break anything while I'm gone! (And if anyone wants to help me knock out my To Do list, that would be super fantastic.) Here, have a song! Freezepop - Less Talk More Rokk, a personal fave on Guitar hero 2. :D
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