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"Just because I'm an environmentalist doesn't mean I'm a sissy!"

Oh, Will. I love you. "I've got a murder boner!"

1. I get to shop for girly outfits today. This is an occasion, as I hate shopping for myself.
2. I remember how to spell "occasion" by saying to myself: there's no "ass" in "occasion." (Unless my family is there. BadumbumCHING!)
3. I highly recommend reading "Brief Encounters with Che Guevara" which apparently was written by my dad's friend. (Very cool.) And, you know... it's a good book of short stories, funny and wry.
4. I think Pho is for lunch today. *pats belly*
5. I'm not going to say "there is no 5." Because that's played out. (But there isn't.)
Actual 5! I forgot: I thought of an ending (finally) to my horse soap opera. (Whatever, it's funny. Y'all don't even know! *wipes eyes with forearm*) I may have looked into some old eps of General Hospital and Days of our Lives for inspiration. And how I missed the golden opportunity to name the dynasty the Quartermanes... I feel shame.
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