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Don't Mess With (you know the rest.) More on the YFZ Ranch/FLDS Bust up.

Long time readers of my polygamy rants (click here to read back-posts, or read my Mormon rants) are most likely NOT surprised by all the stories coming out since yesterday's release of the Gag Order on investigators to the Yearning For Zion Ranch in El Dorado, Texas. Did you read about the pre-teen girls being pregnant? What did I tell you two days ago? [Insert "I told you so" comment here.]

The thing that's upsetting me the most is that I feel in my bones that the original 16 year old girl that called in abuse is dead. (Let's hope she's just been banished to Bountiful, Canada and the Blackmore plyg clan.) Warren Jeffs originally had a high-temperature furnace installed on the property, with the instructions that it would burn hot enough to destroy DNA evidence. The original engineer of that furnace had this to say on the (apparently) secret blog of a former YFZ/FLDS member

He said:
Warren Jeffs did not tell me directly to build a furnace for destroying DNA. Charles Olds told me Mike Emack needed a furnace built and needed our help. I had no idea where Mike was at the time. It never crossed my mind it might be illegit because it came from Mike (I trusted Mike, but I was starting to get suspicious of Warren even then). Coming from Mike, I would have expected a steel mill before a crematory. I never got further with Charles than deciding a few circuit details with him when it then became an urgent need for radio scrambling.

No one from Texas or anywhere else ever talked to me about a furnace; only Charles.Charles showed me an infrared sensor for the furnace that could sense up to 2700F and we needed to interface it to an SCR bank. He showed me a three-phase SCR bank he was using for controlling the heater. I was starting to think about how to interface to the SCR. I was pushing for a graphic LCD display and control, but Mike told Charles, "No, we need a lit LED because where it is going, it will be dark." (An LED is like an alarm clock with several figure 8's. A graphical LCD is like what you see at gas pumps with the little squares) Mike's only comment to me through it all is "we are working for a good cause, but I can't tell you anything, except that I was called on a mission."

The timeline was autumn 2003.

Robert Richter

Later on, in further blog comments, Richter says he *did* originally think it was for a crematorium, but then worried he'd be considered an accomplice for building it, without knowing what it truly was for. Chicken shit.

One person said [to me] "I was in a conversation with Warren and he said 'Brethren, we have got to find a place and a means to blood atone those that need blood atoning."

Robert Richter

Now, Duff Bristline was a big name in the original Colorado City Plyg group, before Warren Jeffs took over. (It's his blog I follow.) He was kicked out, his wives and children "reassigned" to other men (HI, CULT.) and wasn't allowed to contact them. But he does in secret, and once Jeffs was arrested, was able to get back in contact with everyone at the YFZ Ranch (where his families were moved.) He has all of these pictures of the compound, and one of them is a "potato shed." He speculates (and I believe him to be right) that it's the location of the high-temp furnace.

New reports are coming out that a jackhammer was brought in, and there has been speculation that they're looking for bodies under newly poured concrete. Nope. (See, that's what the high temp furnace was for.) They're opening safes. More charges are being applied to Warren Jeffs, and any documentation that DEFINITELY there will help. One of the Texas Rangers said that once they got into the "temple" they finally had all the information they needed. Guess what's kept there? Marriage records. Birth records. That stuff is NOT filed with the state, because bingo! A 13 year old being married to a man in his 50s? Then having a baby? Yeah, they've never kept that stuff in public, and if you've read any of the books written by the women that came out of that culture, they've never had birth certificates. Only the first wife's kids get those, because they're the only legit ones.

So now they're getting their hands on all sorts of wonderful evidence. The first man arrested, by the way, was Jeff's brother, the one with him in the Cadillac at his arrest. He was "tampering with evidence and interfering with an investigation." Trying to hide that stuff, or destroy it, apparently.

It's also interesting to note that all of the people I read online who secretly keep blogs (keep in mind FLDS are forbidden from using media unless to spread their message, listen to hymns - created by Jeffs, or read anything not Jeffs-approved) are all men who are apologists. No women. None. The only women who ever respond are either out of the religion and are pariahs, or people like me stumbling across and asking these people how the hell they can continue to think this way.

This is NOT a religious issue. This is a civil rights issue. This is about the very essence of what it means to be an American: life, liberty, and the PURSUIT of happiness, being taken away from generations of women and children. You cannot pursue happiness when you are taught to live in fear, when your womanhood serves as a means of power and control for a man, when you are denied access to knowledge, to education, to proper health-care.

I have to say it again: this is NOT about grown ups deciding to live together in a sexual and emotional commitment with multiple adults. AT. ALL. This is not the fun, sexy face of "Big Love." (The non-Juniper Creek part.) This is about girls beginning their periods, then forced to marry and have sex with older men, even if that man is her uncle, her first cousin, her grandfather. IT IS REAL. I'm just relieved beyond belief that people are finally paying attention to this. Guys, this has been around for over one hundred and fifty years. My family was polygamist, and some cousins still are.

Oh, and here's my guess at all the family names that will crop up, because there's only a handful of these folks from Colorado City/Hilldale:

  • Bristline
  • Barlow (the prominent family with all the power, aside from the Jeffs)
  • Jeffs
  • Jessop
  • Grubler
  • Harmon
  • Nicholson
  • Taylor (the family my cousin's married to, the original law breakers once LDS said "No more! public. Now make us a state!")
  • Nielson (one of my old college roommates was a Neilson, and her family was polygamist. She was trying to flee. I don't know if she made it.)

I gave a wry laugh at a report from one of the sweet little Baptist church ladies who hollered out to another woman recording names, "Watch out, I've already had a couple of Barlows. I don't think they're telling us their correct names." Nope, that's what you get with an inbred, incestuous community. (And let's hear it for those folks pitching in with their own resources to help out these people. This is what you get when the Texas Rangers are on the case, instead of the Feds.)

And I hate to say it, but the best way to keep these women and children from going off the deep end would be to integrate them with Mormons. They have the same vernacular. Good hell, if some of those Pentecostals and Baptists try and witness to them? They'll freak the hell out. They won't know what on earth is going on.
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