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Remember how last fall I ripped my entire front yard so iI could grow flowers? (Here are the pics from that, if you're interested.)

Aww, I just realized our Scrappy cat was in last year's post. :(

Okay, this is the driveway bed that's been there, but I widened it (it's all the way to our property line now) and put in more veggies and herbs, since it's non-stop sun. I had to move a bunch of things because they were getting crushed/I didn't like them any more.

Here's the view from the base, looking up. It only stretched from the driveway to a few inches past the electrical box. (There's goldenrod in front of that which should hide it nicely in a few more weeks, and a gulf mulhy grass to the right, and a yellow rose behind it. Bye bye electrical box!)

Let's shift to the right. (The bricks are waiting for me to not be gimpy so I can finish the retaining wall on the far right. You'll see that in a bit.) The death rose is growing up the wall by the garage. It extends another 10 feet beyond what you see. I'm waiting for approval from the HOA to put a garage arbor up and have the rose grow along that.

This used to be crappy lawn and a crappy Bradford pear. You can't see the Mexican Plum in the background, but it's all leafed out in a lovely eggplant color. (All the little blue/white flowers are bluebonnets. If I knew how to take a damn picture that turned out well, I'd do a closeup. I <3 them.)

Again, this used to be crappy Bermuda (and hidden treasure like bricks and soda cans and plastic bags!) and that's the retaining wall. It's actually a good grade there, but you can't tell (can you?) from this picture. I'm shoring up the side wall so it's level and stepped. Also, ignore the crappy grass and dandelions. The Mr. fails utterly at keeping up with the lawn. I have a service coming Monday. :|

Here's the front window. My office is behind those bay windows. It's Darthanne's favorite resting place. She likes to hang out and monitor me while I garden, too. You know the movie "Cool Hand Luke?" Every time I dig a hole, etc. she pokes her head out and monitors, and I hear "Take off my shirt, Boss?" "A'ight Luke." "Put this dianthus in, Boss?" "A'ight, Stoney." Hahaha. It's a CARNIVAL in my head, wheee! There's a wee pond/fountain back there, I took better pics - they're coming up.

See? Aww, I like my weetiny water feature, and so do the birds. (I made it hard for Darthanne to get there - she's scared of the rocks and can only get so close. She's... not smart enough to walk on the flat rock. The buns like that place, though. :D And even though it looks like that fish pot is puking up horsetails, I like it. Hahaha.

Here's a closer close up. There's (clockwise from above the wee latern) stonecrop Autumn Joy, daisies, Russian sage, pot of horsetails, phlox, alyssum, and crocosmias that will really deter Ms Kitnit.

This is my new bench for relaxing! I was thiiiiiisclose to buying a daybed, but it was just out of my budget. I mean... daybed! But. This won out because a daybed would dominate the porch and it would be the only sitting place. When it's upper 60s every night, my orchids will come out on a shelf to the left, uh... where I wrote "orchids." Derp.

When you sit in the bench, this is your view. (I want a cool something to mount on the brick wall over the little chair. But nothing cheesy like a star or cross. Which is why there's nothing there. :D)

Behind the bench - my shade garden. (When the trees grow, I'll have more shade. Let's hope.) The blue stones are a way to help divert water, and I like that they look like a dry river. I'm going to rip oout the Powis Castle Artemsia growing in the fork of the "river" and put something else there. Maybe the saucer/lily magnolia from the back - it won't get huge. (And see how I need to fix the retaining wall of stone? Eventually...) There's a plant I innocently put in two years ago that is TAKING OVER. It smells like orange rind, which, okay, but it chokes out all the things I want. Ir's a Korean gingko, but I don't recall the exact name. Ugh, I hate it. It'll take me forever to pull out.

Last pic, same area. I usually fill this in with impatiens and coleus (the bright yellow and red leafed plants) to brighten it up. Come September, those ginger plants will thickly fill in that whole corner and it smells SO GOOD. I moved all the ajuga (the faintly blue plants at the edge) last fall, so I didn't get my normal show of bright indigo, but they'll come in nice and thick next Spring. There's a good shot on the post I linked above.

And the whole thing will look completely different when all the summer plants come in. \o/ I'm such an addict. I want all the plants. ALL OF THEM!! now if only we can get started on the pool construction so I can finish out the side yards and back yards...
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