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HULK SMASH!! Or, more talk on the FLDS compound

Let's be clear: religious freedom does not supersede basic human rights. It does not override the basic (AND FIRST) principle of the United States of America, that being the freedom to life, LIBERTY and the pursuit of happiness. How can you know happiness if you live in a cave of fear and lies? When you're not allowed beyond the "sacred" doors of your cave? When you're threatened with "eternal damnation" - which, let me explain how it's different in the Mormon/Fundy religion. It's not Hell with Satan torturing your soul, it's being cast into Outer Darkness. Or rather, your soul is destroyed, horrors! *eye roll* Freaking religion. Anyway. Back to the rant.

So now we have these "poor mothers" crying to the media about their poor children, the lies the CPS is telling them, yadda yadda. Let me tell you who these "mothers" are. They are Merrill Jessop's daughters. Merrill Jessop is the right hand man of Warren Jeffs and the one that took over the running of the YFZ ranch after his arrest (And the former husband to Carolyn Jessop, current talk-show gal who wrote the book Escaped.) These women - his daughters - were also "given" to Warren a few years back to add to his cadre of wives and to get Merrill moving up the ladder towards prophet-hood himself. These women are still in contact with Warren, in jail. But yes, let's all sway our opinion towards sympathizing with these "poor women" and children. (My sympathies lie with the children, I thank you.)

These women sat in chairs in the "temple" and watched their under-aged (under 16 in the state of Texas with parental consent, under 18 without) daughters be married to whomever the "prophet" said. Be it their UNCLES, their COUSINS, or in Warren Jeffs' case, their STEP-SON. (Warren Jeffs took his father's wives when he became prophet. TOOK THEM. Ahem.) They sat in chairs outside the "sealing room" where those men raped those girls (oh, excuse me, consummated? *gag*) to make their marriages "legitimate." Those mothers held their daughter's babies while their husbands beat the ever loving shit out of them for having an opinion. Those mothers cowered "peacefully" on the floor while Warren Jeffs preached about how to "make a sweet mother" and proceeded to yank half of one of his wives' hair out of her head and kicked her in the ribs. In a church service.

Those poor mothers were poor women at one point: the point when they were forced into a marriage. But then they became complicit. They turned a deaf ear to their daughters. They turned a deaf ear to a few of their sons who were thrown away to keep the competition in check. They forgot their own tears, they swallowed their rage, and they made their daughters suffer the same fate.

They do not have my sympathy. They abused their children, they raised them to believe utter lies and ugliness, and they should be held accountable. (The young ones that haven't been completely turned into monsters should be distributed across the state to various womens shelters to get the help they need.) I swear to (the) god (of your choice), if they let these bastards off, they'll just go deeper into hiding. Point in fact: Short Creek raid in 1953, they got off. This spawned the LeBaron family (that I've talked about before - the ones that had my former co-worker tied up in a goat pen for most of her formative years?) that raised assassins that killed the other leader, Rulon Allred. The Kingston family, the Bristlines... all the modern creeps that the weirdos in Big love are based on. They get weirder after every scare. I can't imagine how they can get worse, but they will. *tears out hair*

And I read today that a lot of the FLDS men are getting "sympathy" from their LDS "brethren." GAAAH!! See?!?! If the Mormon Church really hated them so much, why oh why did they leave them there to fester in the desert sun for over 50 years?? And then the Utah polygamy task force dared to bitch about the Texas Rangers "ruining" their (the Utahns) rapport with the other cult leaders?! Holy crap, did I fall into bizarro land? I'm so proud to be a Texan, y'all. I mean, I'm always proud to be a Texan, but shit on a shingle, this makes me want to kiss those cowboys right on the lips for getting in there and doing it right.
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