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I really should stay off the newspaper boards.

I'm surprised I'm not bald yet, from all the hair tearing I'm doing.

So, I'm really really not getting the general populace's (that is crying out "they took err religious freedoms!") disconnect with why it IS NOT ABOUT RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. It is about abuse. Children being abused, women being turned into baby factories, and none of them having any say in their lives.

Lemme break it down for ya (fellas):
100 kids > 4 years old
316 less than or equal to 4 years old.

YFZ Ranch? 4 years in the making. It's a BABY FACTORY. (Among other things.)

57 mothers have children older than 5, and were asked to leave custody
82 mothers of young (nursing) children were allowed to stay.

...I wonder how many of the 82 are also a part of the 100 kids over 4? Probably a frightening percentage. (here's an article with the stats I mentioned.)

And let's talk about "religious freedom" for a moment. Say this is a religion (it's not; it's a cult.) You, as a US citizen, have the right to believe in the God Of Your Choice and worship him in safety, yes? So why did this ranch need 10 foot high security walls (of FOUR FEET THICK cement) with security towers? And razor wire all around the perimeter? And gun-wielding sentries at the corners of the ranch? But yeah - if a 14 year old girl didn't want to marry the 64 year old step-uncle she was assigned to, she could just pack her Little House on the Prairie gowns, her Buster Brown lace-ups, grab a few scones, and saunter right on out of that compound and go to University and study evolutionary chemistry like she always dreamed. Yeah. Easy as falling off a log. A log in fairy-unicorn land where the mountains are gumdrops, Chaaaaarlieeeee. [/random] Shun the non-believer, shuuun! (There's a new Charlie cartoon, btw!)

Here's the definition of a cult, by the way:
  • a quasi-religious group, often living in a colony, with a charismatic leader who indoctrinates members with unorthodox or extremist views,practices or beliefs
  • A religion or sect considered to be false, unorthodox, or extremist,with members often living outside of conventional society under the direction of a charismatic leader
  • devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for, a person, principle or lifestyle, especially when regarded as a fad
  • a small religious group regarded as strange or as imposing excessive control over members
  • a group with extreme or dangerous philosophical or political ideas
  • the cult has no clear locus of final authority beyond the individual member (which is Warren Jeffs or Joseph Smith, even though mainstream Mormons will say Christ is the leader of their religion; it's really whoever is the current "prophet.")

Psychologists define a participant in a cult in the following way:
  • People are put in physically or emotionally distressing situations;
  • Their problems are reduced to one simple explanation, which is repeatedly emphasized;
  • They receive unconditional love, acceptance, and attention from the leader;
  • They get a new identity based on the group;
  • They are subject to entrapment and their access to information is severely controlled

Gosh, what does that sound like to you? I can tell you this: there's no equivalent to a lapsed Catholic in this faith. You're in, or you're out. (And if you're out, you are dead to them. Sometimes literally.)

Let me remind you that the FLDS are not allowed to wear/own anything red, because that's the Devil's Color. ...anyone remember what Warren Jeffs was picked up in? If you said a red Cadillac Escalade give yourself fifty bonus points. They don't believe man went to the moon, yet the UEP (their bank) owns a business that sells the iron-rich sands of Southern Utah to NASA to manufacture heat shields. Huh. That there is a head scratcher!

This is not about POLYANDRY/POLYGYNY/POLYAMORY. This isn't a group of adults coming together to live as a group of equals. This is about control, both here and in the afterlife. This *is* about polygamy. Don't confuse the two - they couldn't be more opposite to each other if they tried. The whole basis of polygamy is control. Yes, it's been around forever. Do we really need to be reminded about polygamy being a SOURCE OF POWER for men in charge throughout the millennia? Good lord. It's not about the women of the YFZ being "old enough" to choose for themselves. They have NO CHOICE. Not in anything! ...and to argue that point is freaking anti-feminist, because it's all about the women being married to ONE man. It doesn't go the other way. EVER. So. Let's just drop that as a viable option, shall we?

And just because "Sarah" isn't being paraded in front of everyone to prove the Rangers had a reason to go in there... Trust me. They had reason. And they have it all documented. They're building a case so that this won't happen again. I'm proud to be Texan right now. (I mean... I'm always proud, but even more so. *G*) Let's not forget the consummation bed, the little pre-teens with babies, the GUN-MANNED SENTRIES.

Finally I'm absolutely disgusted (and unfortunately, not surprised) to read the comments on the Mormon owned Utah paper, Deseret News, how disgusted the Mormons are with how Texas is handling this. Hey, here's a thought: if y'all didn't turn a blind eye for over 100 years, we wouldn't have had to clean up YOUR MESS. But let this serve as a reminder: Mormons are polygamists, too, they just do it "in heaven" now. My own freaking g-g-grandfather was one of the first publicly called to polygamy by Brigham Young, so don't tell me the LDS church has "nothing to do with these people" like it's some alien group that showed up unannounced. "We're from... France." [/Coneheads]

(Please note the insidious racism - basically, if "inner city sluts" can have babies at 16, why not these girls? It would take me far more patience than I have to explain the "Oh, hell NO YOU DI'INT" to them.)

They had posted article upon article about how "different" the "True" Mormons are; how they aren't the same thing as the "Fundies." Um, Book of Mormon? Check. Joseph Smith? check. Same organizational structure? Check. Temple service (relatively) the same? Check. So, they "dress differently" and that's why you aren't to be confused? How about a nice cup of shut the fuck up? (And what does Fundamental mean? Right. Actually, they are living the REAL Mormon doctrine according to Joseph Smith, more so than the modern Mormons, at any rate. Which... how jacked up is that?) But no, let's feel sorry for the poor Mormons getting caught in the crossfire for their Frankenstein monster. EYE. ROLL.

Shame on the person who tries to take away the focus of child abuse, rape, and slavery and make this about "religious freedom" like there's a king telling the people of the US they can't worship god. Shame on Arizona and Utah for letting this fester in the unpopulated sun of their states. And shame on the Mormons/Joseph Smith for creating this monster.

It's possible that I need a deep breath and a walk outside to stop and sniff the newly blooming roses. I think I'll do that, actually.

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