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I'm starting to have horrible, detailed, labyrinthine dreams about the FLDS ranch, so this is it for a bit (plus, I'm going out of town Thursday.) Lemme answer some questions here, and then someone show me where the Less Than Zero slashfic is. (Dude. How could I forget how hot Spader and Robert Downey Jr are in that? Jamie Gertz and Andrew "Bug Eyes" McCarthy? Not so much. I need Rip/Julian fic STAT.)

1. I am not polygamous, neither are my parents. Anymore. (Okay, my dad was modern-day polygamist, meaning he was married in heaven to two women, not legally on earth, and this is no longer the case.)
2. My distant family *is* polygamist, and my g-grandfather was one of the first men publicly called to polygamy by Brigham Young.
3. Yes, I said polygamy and that's the word I meant because it's the word the LDS church uses. It's the common-understood vernacular. Also, it specifically means MORE THAN ONE SPOUSE, and is usually used in reference to: you guessed it. The F/LDS.
4. Hey, I get the need to correct me. I'm the type that flinches when people interpose "venomous" and "poisonous" and use "impact/ed" when they mean "affect/ed."
5. I also meant the word "polyandry" to refer to NON-LDS poly-relations. Because obv. Also, I meant to ALSO use polygyny, even though the vast majority of people aren't familiar with the term. I mean, this is my LJ, not a published book, y'all. This is my rant zone, and I just slap that shit up here, as was the case yesterday. I'll add an addendum to yesterday's post.
6. I'm starting to feel very exposed and it's making me feel weird. I don't mean to be snippy, I'm just... baffled at the response. (I mean, come on. I've been beating the drum about this PARTICULAR sect for almost 2 decades. Now people listen? It's... overwhelming. It's also great, but overwhelming.)
7. I need to figure out how the hell to get a literary agent, as that's evidently how you go about selling a book. (I'm completely uninterested in a vanity press. No offense meant.)
8. I have no donuts or muffins in my house. This could be remedied by the aforementioned links to Less Than Zero fic. *smiles helpfully at you all*

:) Have a lovely day. I'm going to bugger out and breathe fresh, clean air and hook up with bu_doodlebug for headshots, because during all of this, I'm still trying to get more acting jobs. Feel free to cluck your tongue at me for having too many irons in the fire. Or send Julian/Rip fic. Either. (Comments might go unanswered. Again: see # of irons in fire)
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