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Necessito Burrito, ayi!

Okay, reading about delicious lentil soup has made me a wreck. I need copious amounts of food in mah belleh, right noo. [/Fat Bastard] Which, speaking of Fat Bastard, that's a fantastic merlot, especially given the price point. I'm just saying. Other things of note:

Spent the weekend with marenfic (Lee had an emergency that needed tending. Lee? You're a wonderful friend. *hugs*) To say I had fun with Maren is an understatement. Funny, smart, enjoyable = Maren. There were pitchers of mojitos, delicious foods, her ADORABLE dogs that love me, her lovely husband (even though I kicked his ASS at Guitar Hero. I'm just saying.) and a house that is one of my favorite places on earth. Also, it is the PERFECT dwelling for the sure-to-come zombie apocalypse. If we can train her dogs to smell the undead, it will be THE perfect place on earth. But sorry, there's not enough room for all of you.

Oh! We saw Baby Mama on Friday, and while, sure, it's predictable in places, there were some really funny moments, and who knew Amy Poehler could actually act? Ditto on Tina Fey? Plus, Greg Kinnear is one of my secret boyfriends and he does not disappoint. He's dreamy. One thing I love doing (and I never do) is go to the movies. I love having someone that will laugh out loud (and not mind me laughing out loud) at movies. I loved waking up when I wanted to (not because children are being noisy and I have to) and having a good friend waiting downstairs for me. WITH A FRESHLY MADE POT OF COFFEE. *cries* That's... Y'all, I'm a simple woman with simple needs. I need a little quiet every day, I need coffee every day, and if someone will PROVIDE me with that? They have my undying adoration. Which she does.

One thing that was SO KIND of Maren was to sit at her kitchen table with me Saturday night (ain't no party like a Stoney party 'cause a Stoney party don't start!) and help me edit this one-day-wanna-publish-it book. (Um, is it rotten of me to feel supreme because she laughed out loud several times? Because that felt awesome.) Getting her notes on how to add/change/modify various parts was extremely helpful, too. So, I'll be working on all of that this week, and happily.

Side note about traveling. So, there was this YOUNG girl (I mean, she was technically an adult, but YOUNG. read: an idiot) sitting next to me on the plane ride back. Let me help those of you who aren't used to traveling:
  • do not put your FEET on the chair back in front of you. (I'm not joking.)
  • do not take your SLIP ON SHOES OFF in order to put your FEET on the chair back in front of you. (Again, I am not making this up.)
  • do not assume I am on your side when the person in front of you complains about said feet.
  • as soon as we land, you do not need to immediately turn on your cell phone and start talking loudly just because you are incapable of having a moment's quiet without something electronic passing the time for you
  • I/the person sitting next to you do/does not need to hear you a) argue with your mother about why you love your boyfriend and have to call him right away, zomg, because he gets so jealous or b) hear you argue with your boyfriend because you forgot to tell him you were going out of state for the weekend and maybe you met some new guys but pffft whatever quit being jealous and I love you and oh my god he just hung up on me (hint: I DON'T CARE. NOR DO I BLAME HIM.) or c) call your BFF and tell her how stupid everyone in your life is and how hot Chip from some party you went to was and blah blah blah.
  • do you really need to pull out makeup brushes to put on foundation as we're coming to a land? I mean, really? You're LANDING. With a STICK in your hand close to your eye. Not too smart, ding dong.
  • do not sigh heavily as you flip languidly through your US Weekly because you are SO BORED, ZOMG and how long is this stupid flight, anyway? It's called a book. Or a nap. LOOK INTO TIME MANAGEMENT.

Maybe it's because I'm a mother, but I have 0 patience for "I'm bored! There's nothing to do!" Make something to do. Good lord.

Anyhoo. I helped Maren and her husband with some landscape advice (hahaha, I love drawing people into my world of plants, muah ah ah!) and talked about the "retaining wall" I put along the edge of my garden. Basically, I had some stone bricks lining the edge originally, but I didn't like how it looked snaking down the lawn, essentially. So, I tiered the bricks, and like how that looks far more. Here are some pics for her (and anyone else curious.)

This is a VERY SIMPLE edging, because the slope isn't that great. (I do have to get a real retaining wall at the back end of my property soon, when I get my pool in. \o/ The Mr. indicated that we'll get started on that in a month. FINALLY. Jeeeez.) Some pics of two of my roses that are in bloom, too.

Here's the base - again, very simple. I needed it stacked to help keep the stone steps in place. You can't really tell, yet, but there are big grasses just starting to wake back up that will fill in most of the bare spaces you see. Um, my husband sucks at keeping our lawn nice. I have a lawn service taking over that job, so I don't want to hear it about the ugly Bermuda. :)

Maren? That's the "dry river bed" I had to take every single rock out of to get the weeds out. Bah. Stupid Korean ginko! <-- invasive plant in my garden. I decided to not cover the edge of that with the stone bricks to help funnel water out. (We get flash floods where I live, so channeling water is a good thing.) That big leafy green shrubbery is my oak leaf hydrangea. The top of the picture is the top of my head. It's a good foot and a half or so taller than me, and still growing. <3

This is the side bed where I have my tomatoes and basil and dill and strawberries growing (you can't see the berries here - but they taste SO GROOD.) I stacked a different kind of stone on this side, because I have an abundance of this limestone. Maren, this is the stuff I said you are welcome to, if you come haul it off. :D Those are my bluebonnets in the background - just about done for the season.

I just like the color contrast of the yellow sundrops with the blue irises. Um, that line is a guy-rope to keep my sapling from blowing away in our 100 mile an hour straight line winds of springtime. <-- the one thing I hate about where I live. It's almost over, though... I hope. Side note, I rescued the sundrops from a neighbor that didn't like it and ripped it out of the ground and tossed it on the curb. It was half dead this winter, but has come back nicely. :)

Aww, this is my swmbo memorial rose, in honor of a co-worker of hers that passed away suddenly. (I like to plant things in honor of people's passing, and he seemed like a lovely person from her accounts.) I like how sunny and lively the blooms are, and they're prolific little guys, too. That pleases me.

And last, my favorite of all my roses, my Texas State Yellow Rose. Just buttery and velvety and smells gooder'n heck. That blossom is about the size of my open palm, too. <3 <3 <3!!

Okay, so I've been out of the loop for several days. What's been happening? (Aside from Boobie-Gate. I'm well aware of that piece of... well.) :) Anything else? Will someone PLEASE come make me a sandwich? Or cherry pie? Mmmm, PIE.
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