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Um, that wasn't what I thought it was.

I went for yummy Japanese food today and saw they had the jelly fish strips that I fell in love with in Chinatown. \o/ [DON'T READ FURTHER, ENTRENOUS.] I also thought I saw the tripe dish in sauce that my Asian Gang got me to eat (and that I loved.) Nope, it was just good ol' fashioned intestines and jellied blood, nothing like my beloved Dragon-sauced tripe. *cries* Oh, god. I just thought: I hope it was the SMALL intestine! *cries more*

TO MY CREDIT. I ate half. Mostly because the staff was shocked that a white woman ordered that and talked about how much she liked tripe. (Thinking I was getting tripe, which I do like.) I thought the jellied blood was liver. The owner (she came out clucking and laughing, wanting to "see for herself") asked me if I knew what it was, I said liver, and she got concerned. "Do you want to know what it is?" Sure, I replied. "Blood. I call it 'special tofu.' I am very impressed. This is real authentic Chinese food." My husband had some salmon sashimi. Don't think I wasn't eyeing it longingly. (I refused to share my jellyfish with him. Hey, I needed something good in my mouth.)

I have leftovers, but I don't think I'll be eating them. I'll see if the dog will eat it. (If she doesn't, then. Well. She licks her own ass, that's all I'm saying.)

I am currently eating a 3 Musketeers to make my soul whole again.
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