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Timeliness, I have it.

So, everything is done and over with the latest kerfuffle of stupid people being insensitive and relishing their own stupidity. But honestly, there's more to it. The chick that did all the defending of using the name for the comm that was hurtful, ignorant, and horrendous is Mormon, as I posted last. I just posted something over at the book comm 0hmyheck that might shed some light on how Mormons really feel about the Jews. WARNING: could be incendiary for those that don't want to be reminded that the Jewish people have gotten next to little respect for a long time. I mean to educate, not hurt my lovely Jewish friends, so I warn. *gives cookies*

(note 1: I don't reply to all the comments over there. A) there isn't time often and B) they may be unrelated to the topic at hand.)

In other news, I lost four plants (purple oxalis and some annuals, so that's alright) but I was made sick to my stomach when I saw my weeping Japanese Maple. What was left of it. I carefully dug that tree up from my old house and moved it here, spent a week making a place for it instead of unpacking my dishes, that's how much I loved this thing. The whole top half was split in half. There's no way it could recover, so I had to top it and leave the bottom two feet. (It was as tall as me with wonderful undulating limbs of crimson.) Anyone who knows trees know this: topping trees is bad. It means it won't get taller. My hope is that the cuttings I took from the damaged limbs will take and I'll have wee babies to nurture. *cries*

(Note 2: the owner of the roofing company apologized and said how worried he was to work on our roof because of my extensive landscaping. And.... that was the end of it from him. O_O I guess that's what you get when you have a roofing company that works to make the final cost the amount from the insurance. *crawls under blankets and is sad*)

In other news, I'm writing missionary porn. And it is BLASPHEMOUS, so take that, church! So cathartic, writing this, I can't begin to tell you.

I need lunch.
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