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*fingers in mouth-whistle* Also, we need a new Godwin's Law for a Godwin's Law based wank.

Yo! agentslander! Aka IJ's marieantoinette! I see you've disabled non-friend comments on your latest "They're attacking the Mormons, see?? We're soooo oppressed, you guys! We need to explore our feelings with a Jewish suffering-based porn RPG, zomg." I find it VERY INTERESTING that I'm the ONLY PERSON you refuse to reply to. VERY interesting. Probably because you know that I have your number. I know all the bullshit you're saying because most people DON'T know anything about Mormons or their history. And I'm not "someone with Mormons in their family" as if I know nothing. Honey, when you learn anything about your own "faith" then we can have a discussion. For now? You get the Clue-By-Four. So here's the comment I'm unable to post to you. Oh, I'll track you down. You are the second type of Mormon I can't stand: the one that wants all the privileges and protection of belonging to a group without CONTRIBUTING to said group. (The first is the die-hard controlling, woman hating, power hungry, priesthood is the key type, if anyone wanted to know.)

...and I should mention this was my first comment about this, this was my booyahkasha moment deaux, first paragraph only. Her reply to any? Silence.

Man, I don't even have to read this whole thing to start finding your own inability to practice what you preach.

My opinion is that you cannot dwell on history. I am not saying that means get over it. I am saying that if you continue to hold resentment over something that has happened in the past, then the hatred and animosity will continue.

So... when are you going to follow that? Like you say in the next paragraph, Joseph was murdered. That was 1844. That is officially the past. That is officially when the persecution against Mormons ended. (Crack a book and learn something, please. My family was a part of the Martin Handcart company, so don't tell me what I know, please.)

People not wanting the missionaries in their home isn't being treated like shit, and that doesn't equal THE ENTIRE FAITH being persecuted. Missionaries push themselves onto people (something you obv. know nothing about as you've clearly not served a mission) so it is fitting that people PUSH BACK. Again? Not persecution. Yeah, that 70% population of Mormons that control everything in the state of Utah? Persecuted. By who, exactly?

And let's get something out here, "Marie." You're NOT Mormon. Oh, you may have been baptized in the church, but you're not active. You're (by your own user infos) bi-sexual. That's not allowed. You write (or try to write) porn and play in porny RPGs. That's not allowed. What would John Bytheway say? You don't "Choose the Right." You don't have your endowments, and take the sacrament and go regularly and jump through all those hoops. Give me a fucking break. You've been conditioned by the church to automatically knee-jerk and say "We're being oppressed! Help! He's oppressing me!"

But you're not. You're not tagged and rounded up.(Jews) You're not denied entry into countries. (Afghani) You're not systematically raped because of you simply being a woman. (Darfur.)

So STFU, quit clinging to the Mormon Church as if you give a shit, and LEARN SOME THINGS before you spout off. And this from your teal deer?

We were slandering them.


And you typed: (my commentary in red)

I do understand it and can understand the prejudice on a much smaller scale by being Mormon (our leader was murdered [because he was raping people's daughters and screwing their wives, did you know? Of course not.], the early mormons were forced out of their homes, our churches and temples were burned [No, they weren't. Kirkland still stands, and Navoo was destroyed BY THE MORMONS so it wouldn't be "sullied." Crack a book, please.] and most didn't survive the trail to Utah [because of Brigham Young not wanting to spend any of the money he'd aquired by taking control the church. They were still living The United Order at time, aka COMMUNISM, and how do I know? Because several of my family members DIED ALONG THE WAY. They were not murdered. They chose to leave and follow a miserly dick.], then there were groups murdered [no, there weren't - not on this time line], the us government thought we were creating an army [BECAUSE THEY WERE. Joseph was the fucking GENERAL you half-wit! Then Brigham had the Mormon Milita! Wow, you are really uneducated.] and we had to hide our temple [NO THEY DIDN'T. What the hell? From who, the Ute Indians? Jesus H.], today we still deal with people who don't understand and call us a cult [BECAUSE YOU ARE. Look at these answers of yours, and you're not even ACTIVE!], who treat our missionaries like complete shit [possibly because the missionaries stand outside the Vatican and call the Catholic Church the WHORE OF BABYLON? Gosh, people *do* treat the Mormons poorly. By not joining or opening the door], who think we're all polygamists and practice incest [now you're just reaching], that we do outrageous and vile ceremonies in our temples), but no, since millions of us haven't been slaughtered, I don't know what the prejudice is like. [Oho. We're not talking PREJUDICE, you silly, stupid girl. We're talking PERSECUTION. I see how you could get confused, though. They're both "P" words. *pouts* Words are hard, you gaiz!]

All it takes is one thing to be blown out of proportion, spread like wild fire and there you've got yourself "a fact".

I believe that is how the Mormon Church was started. Again, see that my family is full of General Authorities, Apostles, Quorum of the 70 leaders, all stretching back to the early days of the church. So again: STFU about how you suddenly "feel" for the Mormon Church. Is it because it's the only straw you can grasp? I believe so.

Find another way to sublimate your racism. Saying you have been persecuted, zomg, so you can persecute others isn't a defense. Saying you have German heritage waaaaay down the line, so it's a way for you to cope with your past isn't a defense. Also? Y'all are writing a PORN RPG. How the fuck is that any intellectual endeavor? Honey, I write porn, and it's all about the low-down tickle, not expanding your mind. That's the shit 18 year old boys say when they want to try and get you to take it up the ass, you know, "just the tip."

Last thing, and then I'm seriously done with you: CENSORSHIP would be kicking your game to the curb, aka: bahleetion. You changing your RPGs name is a sign of RESPECT. Jesus, someone hit this chick with a Webster's Dictionary (or the OED) and upside the head, stat.

Open. A. Book. Didn't you claim to be "intellectual?" Where? In your shoe choice? The type of eggs you purchase? Where is there ANY THOUGHT backed up by reason and logic anywhere? It doesn't exist, you are a fool. You really should feel shame for being such a fool. Good fucking hell.

Give me a fucking break. Side note to the heavens/Yahweh/PTB: Thank you. I've needed this. Best. Present. Ever. (Oh, and the new name - see subject heading - could possibly be the LibbyMarieAntoinette Syndrome.)

Palate cleanser to make sure we have a good day:

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