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I am grumpy and crabby today like gangbusters. We have had straight-line winds gusting up to 45 mph here for THREE GORRAM days, and it is taking its toll, I have to say. For any newcomers, WIND IS MY ENEMY. Do you know how challenging it is to have a nemesis be something as elusive as wind? You can't fight back! I'm like Superman strapped to a Kryptonite raft, here. *cries* I spent all last night clenched, listening to the howling and stressing about my less-than-one-year-old saplings. One of my turbines blew off the roof yesterday, and I don't know how the hell to put that back on. (The Mr. doesn't get home until tomorrow, and there is a slight chance for rain [I hope I hope! Wait, No! No!] tonight.)

In other words: AUGH. My shoulders are up around my ears, my back is in knots, and I'm hungry. Truly, life hates me today. HATE I tells ya.

But things of the good: I just ordered a laptop so that I can be mobile with my computering, instead of strapped to this desk, because I do not like sitting inside if I can help it. Obviously that doesn't count TODAY since EVIL IS A'FOOT. Or... A'WIND. A'Nimbus? A'jet stream'd? But my laptop is very pretty and will pack a wallop, and the optical mouse has a cool design on it, and that is a break of sunshine through the dark, heat- and hate-filled clouds, woe.

I say all of this, dear flisters, because I need your help. I NEED GOOD FIREFLY FIC. Yes, I finally watched the series (I have not seen Serenity, so no spoilers, please!) and require your recommendations for excellent story-telling in that world. I'll try just about anything except River/Simon, because ew. Not to mention that Summer Glau bugs the shit out of me. (My hope is that her character will actually DO something in the movie. I know, that's the curse of a show being canceled before its prime.) Um, I have a major yen for anything involving Mal. Jayne would be good. As well as Inara. Or Kaylee. Or Simon. (Not Book. Just... it's Ron Glass. He was on 227 with Jackee, for starters. I do a killer Jackee impression, by the way.) River I'm "eh" about. I'm thinking there's a lot of bad fic with her saying random things like there is for Drusilla, you know?

Anyhoodle: fic recs of gen, het, slash, meta variety. My only requirement is that they are GOOD. No, make that the highest quality. I'll make you a smoothie?

I am going to seek out food, aspirin, a muscle relaxer, and close all the blinds so I don't have to see all the damage. :( And I would like my own temp!Ryan to crush aspirin into some pudding for me to cure my "fussy" behavior. Oooh, an Office marathon today! *strokes chin*

PS: Jack Davenport will be on my TV tonight (CBS, 9/10pm) as a swinger. I'm sure the show will suck - hopefully not forever, because JACK! He gets naked on EVERY SHOW HE'S IN! So there's my silver lining to today. Mmmm, The Commodore, aka Steve, aka Miles, aka get in my bedroom.
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