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More Unintentional Bad!Fic! But the ride may be over....

My girl (or 15 year old boy from Sweden) is back with a new chapter of our favorite story. But someone left them a review asking if they were going for the laugh. (What if they aren't?? I don't think they are...) My well of material might dry up! Unlike the "cat between Buffy's legs" which never dries up. Buffy is one wet ho-bag. I kid you not, that is in there. Here we go:

  • "The wine from the erotic kiss stained his shirt, and his cock stained his pants." Not using a beta is fun.

  • "They kissed like it was the end of the world" Where fire balls crashed down onto them and they stopped to scream and then stare blankly, for they knew the WORLD WAS ENDING.

  • "Uhnnnnnn, uhnnnnnn, uhnnnnnn, uhnnnnnn" uhnnnnnn-funny, uhnnnnnn-sexy, uhnnnnnn-natural, uhnnnnnn-believable

  • "Think of me as your human vibrator." Buffy searches fruitlessly for the OFF button to shut his fucking yap, as he was KILLING the mood.

  • "Her pussy looked like hot buttered bread" But it smelled like sourdough! Ba dum bum ching!

  • "If it was possible, he wanted to fit his entire head inside her." No, it isn't. A thousand times no.

  • "She tasted of possibility. He was possible he was going to be fucking her well. He was possible he was going to be making her come." I am possible that a negative magnet and a possible magnet will be attracted to each other. But me climbing into my own womb is not positive.

  • "My sex scent lives in your pores" Eww, is THAT what that is? Honey, go grab a spraycan of New Pussy TM and knock that stink out.

  • "My cock drips its way home" Gretel: Hansel! Get that thing back in your pants! Stick with the bread. The hot buttered bread, like my pussy.

  • okay, they wrote meat curtains. 'Nuff said.

  • My cock will wound your cervix." That is HOT. Internal bleeding (non-menstrual, we'll get to THAT later) is sooo sexy.

  • "William had ruptured her cum bank." Time to make a deposit! You know, interest rates are at an all time low, so I would recommend that he looks into some T-Bills. And be sure to get free checking!

And my personal favorite (it's what has kept me up at this very small hour):

He wanted to be the only man tasting her WOMB WORLD.

That brings a whole new meaning to Tilt-A-Whirl for me. Good night! Don't forget to tip your waiter!
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