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It's only Tuesday?

It feels like Wednesday to me.

  • After harmonyfb pointed out this comic to me, I now want someone to write Millennium Falcon/Battlestar Galactica fic. Oooh, and threesome with Serenity. Hahahaha. OH MY GOD, I just remembered! Kita's son was almost right. (He surmised that Galactica was the 5th Cylon. We all agree it's Starbuck's Viper, right? RIGHT?)

  • As of last night, I now have an agent. \o/ (Acting, not writing. BUT! Could be a doorway to a writing agent, which - I think I would pass out from the awesomeness.)

  • There is potential rain in my forecast, and I'm doing every dance I can think of. My poor little garden is coughing dust. It is now pouring and there are roofers trying to get off my neighbor's house. Eeep.

  • Today is library day. What books are you reading and loving right now? I'm bouncing between "The World Is Flat" for making my brain smart and the "Empress" series by Anchee Min to escape and not tax my brain. You?

Tags: books, random statements
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