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Question for the BtVS fandom at large:

Do you think it's possible that Joss knew enough of gang/drug culture to have the "Strawberry" reference for Willow be the dope man's Strawberry? Because I'm thinking that little, pudgy white boy knew what he was doing.

And if you ask yourself, "Did Stoney just listen to 'Dope Man' by N.W.A.?" then give yourself fifteen points for mind reading and fifty points for your old school gangsta rap knowledge.

Yo, Mr. Dope Man you think you're slick
You gave my sister drugs and now she's sick
And if she dies because of your drugs
I'm putting in your quto a .38 slug.

There's a another girl in tha dope man's life
Not quite a bitch but far from a wife
she's called Strawberry and everybody know
Strawberry Strawberry is tha neighborhood ho
do any thing for a hit or 2
give tha bitch a rock and she'll fuck your whole damn crew
it might be yo wife and it might make you sick
come home and see her mouth on tha dope man's dick
Strawberry just look around; you'll see her
but don't fuck around she'll give you gonorrhea
if people out there ain't hip to the fact
Strawberry iz a girl selling pussy 4 crack

(For tha Dope Man Dope Man!)

Damn, I love the bass line in that song.

In other news, we entertained Mr. marenfic last night as he wrapped up a business conference, and my kids officially declared him to be a "very nice man." They all played Guitar Hero until bedtime. *cough* I won't say publicly whether or not my children kicked his ass or not. Or that my six year old plays with only a thumb on the keys (her hands are too small to hold the controller) and she played on Medium. And did better than the Mr. I won't say that. :D
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