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Allow you to allow me to allow you to be introduced...

So, a funny thing happened on the way to the forum vet. I chose to get Sally Von Schtupp's heartworm preventative from the SPCA instead of our vet, because it is tres cheap there. *cough* It is impossible for me to go to a shelter and not want to bring home all the babies. For the record, I did not adopt all the babies.

This lovely young man did come home with me. His previous owners had him, another cat, a dog, and kids, and moved. And left him at the shelter. :( BUT YAY FOR US. He's four, lovely, super affectionate, and came with the name "Bootsie." We are attempting to jazz that up as "Master Bootsie "McLovin" Collins of the Funkadelic." That is what his official papers read. HEEEE. (Which is only slightly longer than my sister's grey tabby, who is officially named Greg the Subsititue Philosphy Teacher.)

Here is Bootsie McAWESOME chilling out in our bathtub. It's very cool and hidey in there.

Ms. Hope (full name: Hope comma A New colon Episode Four) ventured in this morning to check out the "new cat smell." Actually, she came in because she smelled his food. He came up behind her and checked out her hinter smells, and she looked back at him and went back to sniffing his food, then did an IMMEDIATE DOUBLE TAKE and jumped back. Ahahaha. They are still nervously checking each other out, but no hissing or such.

(It should be noted that Hope is our resident Ambassador to our sovereign nation of Eh-Stoney-a. She greets all newcomers, passes out pamphlets for the touristy site-seeing trips, and offers coupons for reduced travel rates. She also handles all treaties and disputes through mreowing and biscuit making. It's a one-two punch of solution, that's what.)

"Why, hello. I see you noticing my feathery toes and tail and belleh. Yes, yes, I am used to the oohing and ahhing. I am beautiful, but I do not let it go to my head. You may caress."

I've decided that instead of an R&B voice (what I imagined his kitty voice to sound like) he has a Pepe LePew voice. "Ze sauerkraut does not run from ze corn beef! I am ze snake, and you have charmed me..."

Sally is DYING to go lick his head, but Bootsie is not to keen for that just yet. Oh, Sally. They can't all be your babies. (She's been bringing her duck-baby all over this morning as if to say, "Why, I have other species as children, there is no reason why I cannot have you, too!!"

New behaviors observed as of this typing: he is a SUCKER for head scritches. To the point of almost doing a forward somersault to get your hands where he wants them. Ahahaha. As soon as you get a good scritch going, he immediately flops onto his side and begins purring. And then come the biscuits. He has ENORMOUS paws, so i think he's making baguettes, not biscuits. <3 <3 <3
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