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My Dog Ate My HomenetWork

I've been in radio silence for several days because my dog killed the internet. Just for me and mine, though. Although, I will say that I feel AT&T should share some of the blame for making a flimsy modem/router that can be undone by a wagging tail. There should be scientific tests!!

I FINALLY got my laptop in, and I love it. I will neither confirm nor deny that there have been makeout sessions with my hardware. (She needs a name. Something punkish.) It took forever to get everything moved over (see: Sally Dog's Tail o'Doom) and the handy tool of "mozilla backup" - you can basically move all of your tabs, features, themes, bookmarks, RSS feeds in one file - didn't work. Finally figured out what the problem was: I installed the newest version of Firefox on the new PC. Went back to 2.0.15 and voila, everything was there. I'm leery of upgrading back to 3.0, plus, I think it looks weird. Does anyone else like it? Hmm.

Anyhoo... sorry for not commenting/replying/responding. There have been some things of excitement, namely me meeting all the producers and directors in the area at a big to-do a few nights ago with my agent. (Can I just say how bizarre and awesome that sounds??) I was at a "Women in Film" festival and saw some amazing shorts, most from around the globe. Dovil, it was like you were there with me as there were TWO New Zealand features, and honestly, they were two of the best that night.

While I had no internet and the outside temps were climbing, I caught up on some shows. Okay, why I never watched "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" is a mystery, because that show is freaking awesome. So squirmy, like "Curb Your Enthusiasm" but for a younger crowd. Absolutely hilarious and non politically correct. I also have a big yen for "My Boys," and I don't care - I love the natural interaction between the friends, it's fantastic. Also, (and this may be only of interest to moosesal) the new season of The Two Coreys is back on, and they've completely changed the format - it doesn't feel scripted like the first season does - it's more like a grainy, gritty documentary. They had a big falling out at the end of last season, and it shows. Also: they're in COUPLES THERAPY. It's so slashy, it's not even funny. They started yelling at each other for not helping the other when they were being molested, and I swear to God, Feldman was talking about Michael Jackson in code. DUDE. Complete and utter crack. Sunday nights on A&E.

I joined a gym (well, the whole family did) and have a meeting with a personal trainer today. He's evidently a hard ass (rawr) and I'm looking forward to it. It's getting too hot to work out outdoors like I prefer, so this is a good solution, plus, they have a water park there. !!! Who doesn't like water slides? They're slides! I'm so happy I got my knee fixed. Can't wait to do the other one. WHOO!!

What's up with everyone? Did I miss anything?
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