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Such a sad weekend.

Yesterday I was horrified to hear about Bernie Mac's death (I'm not joking when I say I've patterned my parenting on his style. The man was funny, tough, and loving.) then today to hear about Isaac Hayes dying. Chef! Oh, so sad. But I'm just talking 'bout Shaft! :(

Then I see that _tayler has passed, and that is the proverbial straw. What a lovely woman she was, with an amazing sense of humor and just so nice. She showed what a REAL Nice Girl was. Generous to a fault. I'm so sorry for her family. (Her daughter posted here.)

This is only one of my many icons from her - she would sometimes just email them to me, knowing I'd love them. This was the last one of hers I uploaded, and it makes me laugh every time. Hopefully she'd appreciate me laughing and smiling at her memory.

What a lady. I'll miss her.

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