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Somebody send me coffee. STAT.

I forgot to pick up coffee yesterday while running errands (oh my god, when does everyone have everything and GETS OUT OF MY HOUSE? *cries*) and I need some hot java and I have none, woe. Hence the Kara is devastated icon. WE"RE GOING THE WRONG WAAAAAY!! Coffee is over there! *cries more*

I'm almost done with the second Twilight book. Hooboy, that is one lousy protagonist. I like how she LITERALLY is nothing (and has no memory of anything because she CEASED TO EXIST) when the Bedazzled Boy She Loves is gone. Wow, is that a bad message. And I realized who Stephanie Meyers was getting her inspiration from for the Edward character, but you'll have to wait for the overall analysis, bum bum bum!

I would like to thank swmbo for the suggestion of a zip-loc bag for the Kindle for bathtub readings. Excellent suggestion. Also, I've been taking the Kindle to the gym and love running on the treadmill with it. It's best if I'm just walking on a high incline because then I don't have to worry about my Bella-tastic coordination when trying to turn the page (hitting a button) while running.

...sometimes I just fall over so I can feel the character, Isabella Swan.

Is anyone else dying to see Tropic Thunder? Can I just say that it looks like the funniest thing to come out in a loooong time? I love that they are putting all the taboos out there, like a white man playing a black man (I lub you Robert Downey, Jr. Always and forever.) and said actor asking if another actor is going to go "full retarded" to get an Oscar. That makes me laugh because that makes me crazy. The whole "I'm going to try and win an Oscar by playing a mentally impaired person!" mindset. I'm looking at you, Juliette Lewis. And you, Sean Penn.

While I can get why some groups are upset at the use of that word, I personally feel that they are pointing the fingers at the right people: the people who use a horrible impairment for their own fame/careers. Wow, do I have problems with that. (With the ONE exception of What's Eating Gilbert Grape. I can't watch that movie because of how honest and real it is, personally. I do find it weird that this movie is getting so much flack for the "R" word, when I hear it thrown around on TV all the damn time. Hmm. I guess satire isn't easy to understand? Whatever, I'm going this weekend and I plan on laughing my ass off.

Today I register the kids for school. IT DRAWS EVER CLOSER......
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