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OH MY GOOOOOOD + The Booze Fairy came!!

Last night I went to bed, wanting to read a bit on my Kindle before getting z's, and I saw that someone laid it upside down. I couldn't get the screen saver to go away, couldn't get anything to load, and when I turned off the Kindle (it had been turned on unbeknownst to me) the screen saver was STILL THERE. Oh my god, I got burn-in! I've not had it for a full week yet!!! I plugged it in to the charger, with plans to take the battery out and see what I could do in the morning.

It worked this morning. Um... it was just out of juice, is all. *head desk* I tossed and turned all night thinking my new present was busted. I will say this: I've had that thing running since Saturday morning and it didn't need to be charged until Thursday. That's better than my cell phone! (All children have had their lives threatened if they touch my Kindle again without permission. Esp. if they leave it on and UPSIDE DOWN on the screen. Gah!)

This morning was made even better than I expected because the BOOZE FAIRY CAME! (I didn't know there was one!) lynnenne? Your gift came, you sweetheart!

First, this is the outside:

Hahaha: "Do not deliver to an intoxicated person." Which, there's going to be that ONE PERSON that feels compelled to remind me that there is a desease called alcoholism, blah blah blah. Whatever, the idea of someone being drunk enough to NOT go get their own booze by themselves, yet competent enough to go ONLINE and ORDER SOME cracks me up.

And what, pray tell, did the box contain? LIQUID SUNSHINE, my friends.

Milagro Tequila, the best reasonably priced sipping tequila there is. Whoo and a HOOOOO! Oh, Lynne, you are so thoughtful and sweet. (Um, I just realized there's an empty bottle of hootch behind the blue tequila bottle. Um, it's there because I need to carry it to the recycle bin. My house isn't littered with liquor and wine bottles, Honest Engine!

....and now I see why the UPS men aren't allowed to deliver to drunkies. hahahahaha.

Today is school clothes shopping because it's Tax Free Weekend, yay! A whopping 9 bucks per 100 spent in my pocket. That's a movie ticket! :D (Margaritas at mi casa later today, bbs!)
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