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if it's rainy, I can get back in bed, right?

Up too early today, to bed too late last night. There may not be enough coffee in the world to wake me up...

1. I posted my Lynnevitational fic yesterday, and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Drusilla and Spike from 1953 - NFA bumping into poets and musicians and unwittingly inspiring them, for those interested. Lots of musical references, but you don't have to know them to enjoy, hopefully. [/shameless self pimp - it won't pimp itself, people!]

2. Saw Tropic Thunder yesterday. I will be going back to see it when the kids start school next week. Holy crap, did I laugh my butt off. Oh my GOD the fake trailers at the beginning!!! Now I want Robert Downey Jr. and Tobey Maguire as 16th century priests fic. So damn funny, and... actually hot. Simma down now. Simma! [possibly only I am laughing at this random reference...]

Who dat disco dancer the-ah?
Donna Summer?
Turn it aroun' nah!
Summer.... Donna?
Stretch it out!
Dat's right! SUMMER DON....NA! SIMMAH DOWN NAH!'s possible I need more sleep.

Oh my lands, Tom fucking Cruise! Guys, I won't lie. I never stopped loving him, even though he is mostly crazy. This part of an overly hairy greaseball producer dancing to g-rap with the pelvic thrusts.... it has cemented my love. (Also because I didn't realize it was him until his third scene. AWESOME.)

And RDJr playing Russel Crowe playing a Lousi Gossett Jr. as Kunta Kinte... Good god, give the man an Oscar because that is NOT EASY, people, especially since it could be incredibly offensive. They balanced that just right. And the whole uprising against the "R" word... Puh. It's exactly as I called it, SATIRE. (Which, duh.) But they totally called out Sean Penn, ahahahahaha!

Fuck you, Hollywood, with your mindset of playing a challenged person to GET AHEAD in your career. RDJr hits it right on with the whole "full retard" speech. I won't say anything else in case you've not watched it yet. It's so perfect.

Anyway, the movie is freaking hilarious and very very clever. <-- not often found in comedy lately.

3. I'm almost ready to start Breaking Dawn. Fortunately I have a cabinet full of liquor to numb the pain. Good GOD are these such fluffy wanna be fanfic stories. The way she has them talk! The complete lack of anything attractive about the lead girl!! The shameless borrowing of tropes from the Book of Mormon and Harlequin romance novels!! *tears out hair*

Aw, well, it's rainy, I'll climb back in bed, and mock the stupid. Pretty good for a Monday, all in all. (And I really need some Tropic Thunder icons...)
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