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It's *STILL* raining here

Alright, six days is my limit. (I don't know how y'all live in the PacWest, I really don't.)

  • 0hmyheck has a new post about what it's like on the mission, their rules, etc.

  • I know some of you want to write about LDS missionaries, so there's some info to get you started. It's a pretty daunting dask, imo, because it's such an inclusive lifestyle with so much that you have to know about the church to make it sound real

  • my daughter, #2, is bursting into tears about EVERYTHING and I want to strangle her. Ah, hormones.

  • I literally threw my Kindle across my bed yesterday when I read the last bit of the third Sparkle-Twilight book. Holy crappy forced conflict. Next week is completely dedicated to mocking the Twilight books. Those of you who love them? YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. (And seriously, if I'm upsetting you with that, you can defriend me with no harm done. I will never be on board with those things, and boggle at the readership of them. BOGGLE.)

  • School starts in five days. There are margaritas and fajita nachos waiting for me on that glorious day like a GOLDEN CHALICE IN THE SKY. Or deliciousness on a table, whichever.

Tags: oh my heck!, random statements
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