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Getcha hands on someone, it's HUMP DAY!

Don't act like you're too mature to laugh at a hump day joke. I just witness (audibly) baby Jonah's first poopy diaper. (Crazydiamondsue's baby boy.) You know what the best thing about that is? I'm here with three potty trained children. :D

  • Speaking of three (segues are for kids. And PacWest dweebs) I just posted Chapter Three of And It Came To Pass, the LDS missionary fic.

  • Master Bootsie "McLovin" Collins of the Funkadelic is the noisiest damn cat. He would NOT shut up all last night, just chattering away to anyone. (I think he's looking around for Mr. S, who is traveling. Aww. Our old cat Scrappy used to call out for him when he was gone, too. I <3 Kitties.)

  • I will neither confirm nor deny that a close relative of mine wished that her husband would STAY MENTALLY ILL so she could leave him without guilt, because if he "got all better and became who I wanted him to be and married someone else, that would suck." Uh...

  • My family, ladies and gentlemen. (And it's not my awesome sister, Beth, for the record.)

  • I do not want any judgment (I buried this one) but if there is Edward/Bella wedding night fic, I want it. I cannot BELIEVE that Smeyers faded to black on that one when she's going full out graphic in the violence department. (But that's par for the course for Utah. No boobies, but blow shit up, whoo!) And the moment that leads up to me thinking she was Going To Go There was... actually decent. She can turn a phrase, after all. Huh. The rest is utter shite, however.

  • For ATLANTA area peeps who love Nick Brendon, the ATLANTA FILM FESTIVAL is showing Blood on the Highwaytonight at 10 PM (ticket info on their page)

  • it's a small festival, so I can't vouch for the quality of the theater/sound, etc., but if you can watch The Aristocrats and laugh, this is the movie for you. (NB shows up towards the end.) And don't forget: Italians love my sleaze. :D

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