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I'm Hyphy in my white T and my black jeans and my Nikes

Except for how I'm only wearing a white T. But I'm still hyphy. *krunks* I know that's an older hip hop song, but I've got that groove in mah butt meat.

  • Sally got to walk Emily to school today and she was CLEARLY IN APPROVAL of things going back to normal, which makes me love my Sally Derg all the more. German Shepherds are funny; she immediately went to the door and sat, her tail thumping, because it was TIME TO GO, MOM. She practically high-stepped like a Lipizzaner all the way.
  • As soon as we got back home she shot straight to her Babies and picked them up and LINED THEM UP AT THE DOOR. Hahahaha, her babies are starting school, too. <3 <3 <3
  • Chapter Six of "And It Came To Pass" is up, and tomorrow is the conclusion (for anyone who might be skipping it because of the WiP status. It's complete, and all will be up tomorrow AM.)
  • I finally got PSP9 installed on my new computer so I'm spending all day today adjusting pictures for the LDS-style Sparkledammerung. :D

(oooh, and I love Michelle Obama, although I wish she would have quit with the hand gestures. Her message, though, made me tear up. Um, please to not be handing a mic to a small child, however, thx.)
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