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[Insert Hail to the Chief here]

Yeah. Obama? He's going to be our next president. I for one couldn't be happier.

I don't think that's how you get Hillary's disgruntled supporters. (I like how an "aide" claims that McCain knew about this before Palin was picked. And the IMPORTANT PART is that she's keeping the baby, because they are Strong On Family Values. ...teen pregnancy and sex before marriage is now under the Family Values umbrella? Huh!) And this rumor, if true, would be absolutely devastating to her campaign. What a soap opera!)

ION, I have just made my own messenger bag and it's kick ass. Pics to come once I have my camera charged now under the cut!

My problem with available laptop bags are that they either aren't big enough (I have a 17" laptop) or they aren't cool or hip looking, or they are KA-RAY-ZEE expensive. I found one that was totally cool, but it was over 200 bones. Um, no.

I was at Urban Outfitters with my sister the other day and saw this cool looking rug. (I've been looking for material that was either pop-art or graffiti inspired. That's hard to come by!) So anyway. This rug. PERFECT.

(These next 2 pictures are over-exposed, so the color isn't as bright and I'm too lazy to fix it. *G*)

The back view with the flap opened

The interior, lined with foam padding and an extra pocket in front of the laptop sleeve for papers, etc. I made an inner pocket for my charger.

Now, I still have to hand tack down the lining, so that's why it's puffy and wonky looking. I was just excited at how it turned out. :D I want to add a thin, stiff strip of leather inside so I can hook pens to it and keep them out of the way.

I also need to add the velcro closure to the front and a velcro tab over the laptop compartment, but that's all handwork for later tonight.

Yay Mormon-arts! Hahaha. If anyone wants the pattern, I made a diagram up in photoshop so I could remember the dimensions. I couldn't find ANYTHING online, so that's my contribution to the world at large.


(Happy birthday to romanyg and mere_ubu!)
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