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It's already Wednesday; this pleases me.

My son is now on the cross-country team, which means he leaves for school at 6:10, and I have to be coherent enough to drive him. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet, as this means I'm falling asleep by 9:30 like an old lady, which I am not. *cries indignantly* However, this does mean that he is worn out by late afternoon, has a massive appetite for dinner, and sleeps like the dead. For those of you with ADHD kids, you can appreciate my utter elation over this new development.

There is a tin of smoked almonds looking at me, challenging me to a duel. i don't know who will win today. I did, however, run for an hour at the gym, plus did a kazillion pull ups and dips, so maybe it's a draw. (Oooh, and there was a totally hot older man with salt and pepper hair next to me on, like, every machine, and it was very motivational to not quit early.

Some times it is SO HARD to not sing out loud with my mp3 player while exercising in public. Songs I almost busted out with today:

* Enter the Sandman
* You Know My Name is Rock! (damn, that's a good running song)
* Roxanne, Roxanne
* I Like Big Butts <-- this one almost makes me start to pop-lock, too, which... that's not conducive to treadmill activity. Or being a white woman in her 30s.

Okay, I ate six almonds and I'm putting them up in the cupboard and then I'll get them out again when I'm sure no one is looking. Oh, party foods, why do I love you so? Oooh, speaking of, I got a recipe for a buffalo shrimp dip that looks pretty damn good. That scooped up with celery? YES, PLEASE. The hotter the better. If you have a favorite party food, hit me up with the recipe - entertaining season is upon me.

In conclusion, my icon is freaking hot. Why is that man so damn perfect? (I don't know if it's his surliness or his food-gasms that win me over, I really don't.) And happy birthday to aimeelicious! I hope it's a good one!
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